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Sunday, December 27, 2020



Hey guys......................how are ya doing?  Are you all ready for a new year to roll in?  Seems my neighbors are really excited about it as they are already shooting off fireworks each evening.  Maybe they are practicing for the BIG night!  My dogs are not happy about it either.  Loud noises terrify them both.  Needless to say, that is one holiday hubby and I do not spend outside of our home.

Let's talk about some crafting, OK?  We are at the halfway point for those of us that do our YOP from July 1 to June 30!  Unbelievable.   My YOP list will be updated today too.  You can access from my home page.  

Anyway,  I am trying so hard to stay monogamous in my knitting and crocheting.  Finishing up some of my WIP's is on the top of my priority list at the moment.  My goal is to complete the Havana blanket that was intended for my Grand Daughter for when she goes away to college.  That idea changed this week.  She received a quilt from her other Grandmother.  It is the quilt that was made for her to use when visiting that Grandmother.  I can see why it is so special for her.  The quilt is absolutely beautiful.  She will be using that quilt from now on so there is no need for her to have the Havana I am making.  No, my feelings are not hurt at all.  I think it is wonderful that she will have a quilt to bring her comfort and lovely memories when she is away from home.  So what to do with the Havana?  No worries.  My daughter saw it the other day and fell in love with it.  So guess who is going to be receiving it once I complete it.  Exactly, my daughter.  

I just started pattern section 4 this week.

The progress keeper shows where I was last week.  There are 7 pattern sections.  Each section is 12 rows and they are repeat 3 times.  There is still a ways to go on this.  Remember, I made this bigger than the original pattern called for.  This will fit a queen sized bed when completed.   

Truth be told, I did take a little detour on Christmas Eve.  

 My local Daughter in Law made a comment on how much she liked her daughter's seeded band hat I had made for her a couple of years ago.  She wished she had one too.  Well, HELLO!  You don't need to hit me over the head to let me know that was a hint.  I dug through my stash and found this lovely black yarn with sparkles in it.  (Those white 'spots' are the sparkles)  I decided to start it on Christmas eve afternoon and was lucky enough to finish Christmas morning in time to gift it to her later that day.  She was so excited.  She wore it all day long.  She is a very knit worthy person.  She and her mom both knit so she knows what goes into the craft.

That is the only detour I took from my Havana this past week.  I PROMISE.

Hubby and I both woke up about 3:30 this morning.  Since we did not have any plans for the day we decided to go ahead and get up.  We can always take a little snooze later in the day if needed.

Getting up that early we have managed to make our menus for the next 10 days, get the grocery list made out and I will be heading to the store as soon as I post this.  That only leaves me 3 items on my to do list for today.  (Empty the dishwasher, feed Arthur (Sourdough),  start dough for sourdough bread to be baked tomorrow.)

Speaking of sourdough.............................

Look at that beauty!  That is the first boule of sourdough I have made that actually turned out and we could eat.  I found the perfect recipe for the boule.........finally.  The next sourdough I am making will be in the pullman loaf pan.  I made it before but my starter was not truly ripe yet.  It now has a wonderful sourdough taste to it so I am excited to make it again for sandwich bread.  The boule was good to have as a side with our evening meals and I will be making it again too.

Next week is a quiet week for us.  There are no plans on my calendar for anything unusual.  THANK GOODNESS!  Christmas is such an emotional time for me.  Between Christmas and the end of January, I will be reliving the anniversaries of my entire family's deaths.  My Dad was in January 1976, Mom in December 2017 and Brother in January 2019.  They say time heals all wounds.  It may, but there is still a scar that doesn't go away................ever. 

So, hold your loved ones tight.  Tell them you love them.  Forgive them for any hurts they may have caused you.  Make sure they know you love and care for them.  You never know if there will be another opportunity to do any of these things.  The three words I cherish to hear from my family are "I love you"!

Until Next Time.................................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!


  1. Your Havana is beautiful. And I can imagine that the point of making it is that it will be loved, not who loves it!
    The hat and the sourdough are splendid, well done on both counts.

  2. Best wishes as you transition through this week of loss. Excellent advice on pressuring the day.

    Glad you found a loving home for your Havana blanket. Wishing lots of knitting pleasure in 2021!!you

  3. It sounds like all your beautiful gifts are going to the right people! The hat is lovely! No wonder she wanted one. I got up at 3:30 too but didn't hit the road running like you did! LOL! I'm sorry it has been a rough month. I totally understand! Your bread is gorgeous. I wasn't pleased with my sourdough bread...it was very tough. I need to try a different recipe. I'll go to King Arthur. They never steer me wrong.
    Your Havanna is gorgeous and I am in the mood to start a blanket. I saw a ripple that I liked so I think it will go on the list! I will be revisiting my YOP list and ensure I finish items. Now that gifting season is over except for my SIL at the end of January, I can concentrate on some of my projects. I hope you find everything you need at the store. I need to go Tuesday as there is rain/snow coming over the New Year. Stay safe!

  4. That Havana makes me wish I could crochet. What a stunner!
    I am terrible at monogamous knitting. I try it from time to time, and it is rewarding to finish things! But then a case of startitis sets in.
    I can see why your DIL wanted that hat. It just looks cozy.

  5. It sounds like Havana is going to get a perfect home when it’s completed and how lovely to have such craft worthy people around you. Happy new year when it comes,

  6. You are one fast knitter to get a hat done so fast! Love the pattern myself. Might look it up on Ravelry.

    I hear you on deaths around the holidays. My dad died 3 days before Christmas and my mom died 3 days after Christmas. You are right - it leaves a scar and it does change your feelings about the holiday.

    Hope you have a healthy 2021. It is the greatest gift of all right now - health.

  7. love the hat and the heavy hint for one! I am not a fan of fireworks either. They have to be pretty loud to unnerve Frodo but as he ages he is more sensitive I guess. Merry Christmas!

  8. That bread looks amazing, Marsha. As does your Havana. Glad it's got a home waiting for it. And that hat is cute! I'm impressed you got that done in a 24-hr period!

  9. I love that your sourdough has a name! I named mine Hamilton!

  10. Poor doggies having to deal with fireworks! I love your Havana I think using the one base colour and then changing the pattern colours is a great idea I will use for my next one. It is great you can craft for people that appreciate their gifts. I chuckled a little at your 3:30am story. My husband and I do that sometimes too, although not quite that early - we just get up and have coffee and breakfast and then go back to bed for a bit more sleep. The joys of being retired!

  11. I LOL'd at your, she didn't have to hit you over the head to get you to knit her a seeded hat.


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