Sunday, February 16, 2020


Hi again.  I am a bit later than normal to post my Sunday update.  I was rushing around this morning trying to finish up a project I started a few days ago.  Ready to see what all I accomplished this week?  Let's go!!!!

The Raspberry Fields shawl is completed.  Hooray!  I know you can not tell from the photo but each one of those squares is 12".  This shawl is darn near 7 feet long.  It is going to the Prayer Shawl group as I will never wear anything this large.  Also, I will never make another one of these.  I will say, it was a great stash buster.  I used up 500 grams of DK weight yarn on this shawl.

My other FO for this week is:

The Easter Bunny Basket made from a bleach bottle.  This was something new for me to do.  My attorney had asked me if I thought I could make one.  She gave me her daughter's basket and I found a pattern on Etsy that was super close to the original.

Making pom poms is not my favorite activity.  I will say, these pom poms are darn cute though.

There were a total of 4 pom poms.  The basket was all done as of last night.  This morning I put it all together.

I then ran to Walmart to pick up the eyes and the black foam for the nose.  I had the pink heart in some craft items my Grand Daughter has here.  For the whiskers I just separated some of the white yarn on either side of the nose.

Here they are together.  I think my attorney will be pleased.  BTW, she picked the color.  

After I finished crocheting all the pieces of the bunny I decided I needed to work on a little something until I could get the finishing items today.

Yup, another dishcloth.  I need 9 more in the white.  After this one is completed that will knock it down to 8.  

I am patiently waiting for Amazon to deliver a yarn order I placed last night.  My great nephew is being baptized in April and I wanted to make the baptismal blanket for him.  I would have needed to go to 4 JoAnn's to obtain enough of the wanted yarn to make the blanket.  Ordering it from Amazon saved me about a 50 mile round trip.

Image result for caron simply soft party

It is Caron Simply Soft Party in the color Snow.  It has that little shimmer thread running through it.  It will be perfect for the pattern I have chosen.

Simple Baptism Blanket by Beth Myers.  This will be my main focus this week once the yarn arrives.  I do have another shawl pattern printed out and will do that when I go to Prayer Shawl this week.

In other news, Hubby and I are planning on going to a movie yet today.  (Ford vs Ferrari) We will not go until the delivery has arrived.  Hopefully it gets delivered before 6 tonight or we will postpone the movie until tomorrow. There are too many porch pirates these days to trust our package to be here if we are gone for several hours.  

There is a roasted chicken in the fridge for our dinner tonight.  I was supposed to make a loaf of bread today but, time is not on my side so I bought a loaf of sourdough.  DANG!  Bread has gotten expensive.  I haven't bought a loaf of any kind of bread in quite a while.  Can you say sticker shock?

I did get a very nice gift for Valentine's day:

My hubby knows what I love...............yellow roses are my favorite!

It is now lunch time.  Guess I will make a sandwich with that $$$$ bread.

Until Next Time...........................Happy Crafting!!!!!


Sam I Am...... said...

I always love reading your posts as you are so funny! You ordered from Amazon last night and you will get it today? Amazing! If I order it takes 2 weeks with no Prime. I just stopped ordering from them.
I love that prayer shawl you pretty in those colors.
The baptismal blanket is going to be beautiful! I love doing washcloths especially the plain ones....very relaxing.
The bunny basket is so cute! Is there anything you can't do? You are amazing woman! Your roses are gorgeous! Do they smell good too? Enjoy your movie if you go. I saw the previews of looked good! Have a great day!

Breathing Life said...

those bunny baskets are super cute. I am with you though, I don't like making pom-poms, but you did a great job. I especially like the black and white one.

Becki said...

Your shawl is just beautiful and I'm sure someone will love wrapping up in all that squishy softness. And the bunny baskets are adorable. The navy and white one is fun. And I imagine that baptismal blanket made in a shimmery white yarn will be gorgeous. Curious if you got to go to the movie tonight. I'm not a car or race fan, but I loved this movie. It's a great story.

Lucy Bowen said...

Your bunny baskets are delightful and the shawl is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the baptism blanket, it will be stunning in that colour.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Omgoodness I love the shawl ! Very pretty. The Easter baskets are adorable. I have ordered a lot of yarn from Amazon and you can't beat Amazon Prime ! The baby blankie is adorable. You're a quick crafter !

karen said...

love your prayer shawl and I agree with the total length of a shawl and whether I would wear it. It's a slippery slope. Love your bunny baskets, you've been creatively busy! I might be starting dishcloths when my second sweater is finished.

Stefanie said...

Love how your husband got you roses. The blue and white bunny basket is adorbs! Love how you put together its nose.

Sandy said...

The prayer shawl sounds huge and it's a most unusual shape. I like the striping though. What pattern did you use? Cute basekets.