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Wednesday, February 26, 2020


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This is dog sitting day #1.  It is so quiet here.  There isn't any traffic noise or neighbor noise.  The most noise came from the garbage trucks driving by.  Oh, and when the dog decided he needed to protect me from a leaf blowing across the backyard.  

Leaving my knitting unattended was not a good idea.  He decided it needed to be relocated to the floor by the back door. (Sigh)  He has hidden his chew stick somewhere and is pretending he has no idea where it is.  There is a fly in the house and he is fascinated by it.  This is the first one he has seen and he is not quite sure what to do about it.  It is quite comical to watch.

He wants to know when I am going to come sit on the couch so he can snuggle.

Remember how I have been trying to rid our home of items we no longer need?  I found this meme today.  

I can totally relate to this.  It has happened several times already.  Not to worry, I have not replaced any item That has left the house.

Here is another one that is a great way to help clean out that closet.

I just heard from my Great Nephew's parents.  They would be thrilled for me to gift the baby his baptismal blanket.  It will be mailed to them the first of next week.  Phew!  That made me super happy.

Time to go and do some dishes for my Daughter in Law and then sit on the couch and snuggle with the dog while I knit a dishcloth.

Until next time................happy crafting!


  1. I pinned both of those sayings as they are "spot on"! LOL! I love your grand dog....so cute! Also, so happy that they are thrilled about the blanket!

  2. I love that last saying. For some reason, though, I have a feeling my closet will the hardest place for me to apply it. I'm putting my closet off 'till it gets a little warmer and I have a reason to go through clothes (for the season change). I'll practice this on some areas that aren't as hard 'till then.

  3. I can relate to both the quotes and they brought out a fit of laughter. I love it when pets at home run madly. The other day my dog decidedly got excited seeing a fly and ran to my then 2 years old and gave her a hi-fi in his style. She wailed loudly, and he ran slyly.

  4. This looks like a fantastic recipe for a long cold week, Jane. I'm not a fan of pork, so I have to skip this. However, my good friend would eat this day and night. I'd love to share this with her because her mom loves Root beer so they would pick this for a family meal.


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