Monday, February 17, 2020


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Did you know diet soda has an expiration date?  This was a fact I was introduced to about 3 years ago.  Yup, it is true.  It will last longer if it is refrigerated.  Unfortunately, we do not have a huge beverage fridge.  Therefore, our soda sits in our backroom on a shelf and we will put some of it in the fridge as we drink others.  Last night, I grabbed a can of Diet Dr Pepper (caffeine free) and with the first sip I knew it was NASTY.  It immediately was dumped down the sink and I looked on the bottom of the can and saw it expired in December of 2018.  Now you know how often I drink soda LOL.  Anyway, I went through all our soda, both in the fridge and on the shelf.  There were three 12 packs dumped out.  Now, I know, if I pull a soda out of the fridge, it will be tasty.

There was a little walk taken this morning.  I did not get to go as far as I wanted.  My back started giving me fits.  Yup, I am sooooo out of shape.  I got about a half mile in is all.  It will get better as long as I do it this more than once a week.  Self, did you year that?  Time to get your body moving OFTEN!

Hubby went for his allergy injection this morning and then he went to the grocery store for me.  Normally, I love grocery shopping but, with all the winter visitors living here, grocery shopping is not enjoyable right now.  The population will thin out around Easter and I will one again enjoy my grocery trips.

When hubby got home we got busy in the kitchen.  The horseradish I ground up, a couple of weeks ago, needed to be ground finer and more vinegar added to it.  Mission accomplished and now I will be freezing some of it.  There is way too much for us to eat in the next few weeks.

After the horseradish we got busy and made jalapeno poppers.  They are so easy to make with the air fryer.  Hubby cuts and cleans out the jalapenos and then I stuff them with the cream cheese and wrap them in bacon.  It makes a wonderful lunch.

While the poppers were cooking, I mixed up a batch of marinade for our carne asada we are grilling tonight.  The meat is now in the marinade and in the fridge until time to grill it.

That means I now have down time until dinner time tonight.  So what am I doing?

Working on the baptism blanket.  The third skein of yarn has just been attached and I am not even half way through the chart yet.  This is concerning me at the moment.  The yardage in the pattern is how much I ordered.  My mind is doing the math and for some reason, this is not going to be enough.  It will be enough to make the blanket but it does not look like it will be enough to add the border.  UGH!  Fingers crossed I will be able to pick up another skein locally.

Do you find you are much more productive on Mondays?

Until next time....................happy crafting!


Stefanie said...

You go on the spicy; we've been buying the kimchi from Costco and eating it with our lunches and dinners.

Becki said...

I always have big hopes that I'll be productive on Monday's, as it always feels like a fresh start. But I'm not sure I really am. Today I was tired as all get out. I (almost) never take naps during the day, but today I had to. I was practically falling asleep over lunch.

Here's hoping you have enough yarn to finish that blanket, or that you can find more yarn easily. I do dislike playing yarn chicken.

Sam I Am...... said...

I think I am more productive on Mondays...fresh start to the week and all that. Did the horseradish bother you when you made it? Maybe someone was pulling my leg. Your poppers sound tasty and your marinade too. Oh, I hope you can get through your blanket without too much trouble. The pattern is so pretty. I guess you could make a different color border if you run out.
My back hurts me by the time I get done with my walk. It never used to it old age? Around the house too I notice that my back will start aching if I am on my feet for awhile so then I sit down and take a break and do some handwork and then get back up in about 10-15 minutes and go at it again. I've never had back problems and I have strong back muscles so not sure what's going on. It could be my hips too. I guess I am falling apart! LOL!
I had no idea about the pop expiration but I rarely buy it or drink it. Have a good day!

Sandy said...

Build slowly with your walking and you'll amazed how you can progress. Maybe add a block every 3 days. I need to get out and get some steps in myself, but the weather sure hasn't cooperated.