Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Road Trip? Kind of.

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How is your day going?  Did you do anything fun today?  

Today was the day I decided to do all my errand running.  Here is a "quick" look as to where I went.

First item of the day................moving things in the house so hubby could clean the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and hallway.  After that, I booked it out so he could clean in peace.

 When left the house, my first stop was Dollar Tree.  Picked up a bottle of "Awesome".

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Several people have told me this is the best all purpose cleaner on the market.  For $1 I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Next stop was CVS Pharmacy.  I received a text from them that there was a prescription ready for me to pick up.  Turns out it is a topical gel for soreness caused by my RA.  I had them put it back as I got 2 tubes of it a month ago and haven't even opened them yet.  No need to spend $$$ for something I am not really using right now.

From there I headed to Hobby Lobby.  Believe it or not, I really NEEDED to pick up a couple of skeins on yarn.  I have been commissioned to make an Easter basket for our lawyer's son.

This is as close to what the basket will look like as I could find.  The client asked it to be done in Navy and White.  I have her original basket to help with the pattern.  All the yarn was on sale for 30% off at Hobby Lobby.  Win, Win for me!

I hopped back into the car and drove across the street from HL and went to At Home store.  Oh my, this is a very dangerous store to go to.  Since hubby was not with me, it was only half as dangerous as usual.  I was good and only purchased the items on my list.  

I picked up 2 of these planters.  My orchids will be going into these.  We purchased a white one, exactly like this, about 6 months ago and put my white orchid in it.  (The one that is blooming again)  My purple orchid just finished blooming so it will be transplanted in the next few days.  When the orange one is complete, I will transplant it also.  The correct potting soil is already in my home just waiting.

Back into the car and headed to Costco to pick up my new frames.  When I went to pick up my sunglasses last week, I got a nice surprise that my 'regular' glasses were also in.  WOOHOO!  As the tech was adjusting the temple of the glasses the 'arm' cracked.  Blast it!  She popped the lenses out of the new frames and put them into my old frames.  (I ordered the same frame as they have been the best fitting frames in a long time)  They did not have anymore of my frames in stock and had to order them.  I was notified yesterday, the frames were in.  

Here are the new frames.  Each frame color has a different 'swirl' pattern of the colors on them.  They are all purple and blue with clear mixed in.  (This was a no makeup day for me)

From Costco, I headed next door to WinCo.  We were very low on Ice Cream bars.  It is our one sweet we keep on hand.  While there, I picked up some bottled tea for hubby, a couple of Caesar Salad kits, Coffee creamer, Greek yogurt and a red bell pepper.

All that errand running equaled 2.5 hours of time out and about and about 30 miles of stopping and shopping.  Good thing I took the Prius out today.  Such great gas mileage.

I got home just in time for lunch.  I broke open one of the Caesar salad kits and cut up some leftover brisket and an avocado and mixed it all together.  TA DA!  A healthy lunch for the hubby and I.

Hubby teaches a class at church tonight.  While he is gone, I will hop on my teeter and have a go at some exercise.

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There are 3 books on my Overdrive audio.  Those will keep me company as I exercise.  

Speaking of Overdrive.  Even though I have a local library, I am also able to borrow from the "big city" library too on the overdrive app.  I was able to go in and request which libraries I wanted to borrow from.  This is an FYI for anyone that has a small town library and would like to use the app.

I started working on my daughter's request this week.  She had asked me to make a dozen pure white dishcloths for a wedding gift.  (Due the end of April)  The Easter basket will get started this week, yet, too.  (Due the end of March)  Other than that, there will not be any other 'new' items being started.  

Until next time....................happy crafting!


karen said...

what a busy day! I wish my husband would clean.... never heard of awesome but I will check it out! Love your new frames, they look pretty on you and frame your eyes nicely.

Sam I Am...... said...

Wow! I would be too exhausted to exercise after all that running around. I love your new glass frames..so pretty on you! You look great without makeup! Your salad sounded good and you need to open an Etsy store! LOL! What a productive day!

Stefanie said...

Very busy day for you. Those orchid planters are nice.