Thursday, February 20, 2020

Running Down

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This is kind of what I feel like today.  Not much get up and go left in this old gal's tank.

We got home at a decent time last night and I even managed to get to bed before 11.  The book I am reading at bedtime got so good last night, my light stayed on until almost midnight.  I am reading "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green.
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My grand daughter gave it to me to read.  It is a young adult book and deals with children with cancer.  I know that sounds super depressing and yet the book is not a total downer.  Hopefully, I will finish it tonight.

Prayer Shawl group was this morning.  Today, we had 25 shawls donated to us from another parish.  This means we needed to sew our medals and tags on them, bag them up and get them ready to be blessed and sent out to recipients.  Needless to say, that is all we got done today before it was time to leave.

After Prayer Shawl, I drove over to our lawyers office and delivered the Easter basket to her.  She was thrilled with it.  Phew, I am glad of that.  

Oh, I managed to get something out of my house for good.  I took my hot water pot to the Prayer Shawl Group so the ladies could make tea.  I have a hot water tap on my water cooler and no longer needed the electric pot.

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They were so happy to get it.  They had been borrowing one from another ministry.  

We have finished lunch, the dishwasher is running, hubby is doing research and I am getting ready to do a bit of knitting and listen to my audio book.  Dinner tonight will be left over meat and I will make some cooked veggies to go with it.  

How is your day going?  Are you running out of steam yet?

Until next time..............happy crafting!


Sam I Am...... said...

Cute picture! I do run out of steam around 3:00 p.m. that's why I have to do my priorities in the morning otherwise they would not get done. I used to do my daily chores first but then I would never get to the "big rocks". I notice if I do the priorities first I always have the energy for daily chores which are pretty mindless and I could do with my eyes shut.
I've heard of that book and that it is good but I steer clear of topics like that. I am of the belief that whatever you focus on becomes part of your reality. I also turn off all ads that deal with illness or meds. Your mind is like a sponge and I personally feel you have to be careful what you expose it too. So, I am a little like Pollyanna, I guess. But ever since I got so ill with RA and Graves and a few other things I have eliminated any kind of negativity and sometimes reality from my life. I know people say it's just a movie or a book but I am so empathetic that it really affects me both mentally and physically. It's not that way with everyone but with me I keep it light and lighthearted! LOL!
Your prayer shawl ministry sounds so wonderful. Plus, donating your electric pot was so generous of you! Enjoy your knitting!

Becki said...

That picture is so cute, and funny! It sounds like a lovely day, but I hope you get your energy back with a good sleep. :)

Retired Knitter said...

Yep! I am always running out of steam. About 2:00 just have to sit and rest my eyes for a bit - really rest my eyes because napping during the day is next to impossible for me.