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Saturday, September 2, 2017


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I love dogs.  I actually love most animals.  I am a firm believer that owning pets when you have children, teaches them to be kind, loving, compassionate and responsible.  We have had; hamsters, gerbils, fish. cats and dogs.  We are now owners of just 2 small dogs.  

This weekend Daughter and her hubby are going to the mountains where they have rented a lovely cabin.  NO PETS ALLOWED!  That means this weekend, we have 4 dogs at our house.

One of the dogs is a jack russel and brussels griffon mix.  And I mean MIXED.  He has more energy than the other 3 put together.  Daughter forgot to mention mixed dog needs lots of play time before bed so he will sleep.  Last night was not good.  We went to bed around 10:30.  I had to close off the doggie door around midnight so the neighbors wouldn't call the police on us.  Around 2 the squeaky toys had to be hidden away.  By 5:30, I gave up sleeping and just got up and started my day.  So what do the dogs do when I decided to get up?

Can you believe it?  I keep going over and waking them up to return last nights favor to them.  Tonight there will be a backyard ball game going on as well as toy toss.  Hopefully that will wear Mr Mixed dog out.  The other 3 have no problem with going to sleep at the appointed time.

We have these two until Monday afternoon.  Horrible photo.......I know.  They are fun to have but not when one of them thinks it's playtime on HIS time table.

On another note.........I told you I would let you know how the pork roast with brussel sprouts and apples was........................................HORRIBLE.  We did go ahead and eat our portions and then trashed the rest.  The recipe was put in the recycle bin too.  I haven't made a bad dinner in a very long time and I try new recipes at least 4 times a week.  Oh well.

Until tomorrow...........Happy Crafting!!!!!!!

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  1. Lol Marsha...dogs are incredible! We had four in the house (with the 3 cats) for about 5 weeks when one of our friends was moving and asked us to care for his little shepherd. It was so much fun. The photos are cute!

    Too bad about your dinner. You know, once in a while a recipe doesn't turn out for me too. I chalk it up to the recipe - ALWAYS. It's NEVER me ;) Alex always reminds me that I make between 400-700 meals per year including breakfasts and dinners, and that one or two that don't work out don't even matter. He's so nice :))


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