Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week 11 Progress

Hello everyone.  I hope this finds all of you safely away from Irma, Harvey and all the wild fires out in the west US.  I have relatives in Florida that evacuated last Thursday and I am so happy they did.  When they left, Irma was scheduled to hit the east side of Florida and my relatives live on the west side.  They decided to evacuate just because they are by a river inlet and did not feel they wanted to test out how well their home would do with the winds and rains that were to hit them.  NOW........the storm is heading straight for their place or residence.  They no longer feel foolish for leaving when they did.  I am thankful they are safe in Wisconsin for the duration of the storm.

Anyway....................that is not why you have come to visit me today.  You want to know if I got anything done this week.  I am so glad you asked.  Even with my brother being in town and my dear, dear, friend, Bev passing away on Thursday morning, I was able to concentrate on my knitting and crocheting.  It actually helped with my sadness as Bev was a fellow crocheter.

First up:

The second log cabin square is completed!  I finished it on Friday evening.  I was so excited to have it done.  And this time it is done correctly!  

I immediately started on square #3.  I am going to get this blanket done and OUT OF MY HOUSE!  It is a great TV watching project.  Too bad it is a little too bulky to take out and about with me once I get passed the purple part of it.

I did work on my half granny square prayer shawl too.

I am nearing the end of the second skein of yarn.  I have extra purple and pink from the first skein that I will add to the next color section.  I hope that will make it large enough to give to the prayer shawl closet.  If not..............I have 3 more skeins LOL.

I did not go to Prayer Shawl Thursday morning as I was still composing myself after loosing my friend that morning.  Even though I knew she was fast approaching still hurt knowing I would never be able to tell her all my thoughts and dreams.

My brother is leaving tomorrow morning to head to New Mexico for a motorcycle rally and then he will head on home after that.  It was nice to have him here and my mom was so thrilled to have him come for a visit.

Hubby and I are taking a little day trip tomorrow to see our nephew and his wife.  They are being deployed next week.  One will be going to Africa and the other is headed to Turkey.  

I have another slammed packed week of activities.  Retirement is a joke.  My daughter told me it is called re-tirement because once you do it you will become re-tired from all your activities.  She got that one right!

The family is coming over this afternoon for swimming and my famous crockpot ribs.  We are going to move a TV outside so we can keep up with football today too.  This way, everyone gets a chance to see my brother before he leaves and no one has to cook or clean up other than me and I do not mind doing any of that at all.  My daughter and her husband are bringing some homemade baked beans and it is their secret recipe.  They are so wonderful and yummy!  There will also be macaroni salad and I made a couple of no bake cheesecakes per request.  I think that should be enough to fill us up and keep us happy for the rest of the day.

Until next time...............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. As a fellow crafter I'm sure you have lots of happy memories, and maybe something she made?

    All that food talk is making me hungry! Enjoy your time with family!

  2. Hi Marsha :) Your family get-together sounds like it'll be a hoot! Lots of great food! I love homemade baked beans :) Your log cabin is looking great!!

  3. I am so sorry for you on the loss of your friend. I am sure you have many crocheted pieces that you made in her company that will remind you of her. My cousin lives in Fort Lauderdale and they headed to North Carolina to wait out the storm. I hope their house survives. It is so worrying.

  4. I'm glad your relatives left while they still could. Houses can be replaced, lives can't. Love how your log cabin blanket is coming along.

  5. With two sisters living in Florida - one chose to go, one chose to stay, I can only say I was totally distracted with anxious feelings over the one stayed. Even now, I worry a bit about her, though she's safe and her home is, too (at least from Irma). I wouldn't think anyone foolish for having left even if their home was unharmed. The progress on your knitting and crochet projects is terrific, Marsha!


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