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Monday, September 4, 2017


My house is back to normal.  The extra dogs have gone home and my dogs are sleeping soundly.  My house is quiet other than the baseball game on the TV.  This normal will last until tomorrow afternoon when my brother zooms into town on his motorcycle.

I did manage to get a loaf of bread made this morning.  I think I have finally found the recipe hubby and I both like.  Some loaves have been way too dense and heavy.  The one we both agree is the lightest is the Honey Spelt Bread recipe.  It is for the bread machine.  I have had to mess around with the cycle, loaf size and crust color.  Today, I hit pay dirt.  It only took 6 weeks lol.

I visited mom today.  She does not know about brother's visit.  He confirmed that he had not told her either.  I love to surprise her.

Dinner is over, kitchen cleaned up, dishwasher running and I am just about ready to pick up my knitting.  Before I do, I am going to make up the guest bed so I don't have to rush in the morning.  Everything else is ready for his visit.

Until next time..............Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!


  1. You are so organized...I used to be! LOL! I still try but it seems to allude me. What fun to have a brother...I am an only child so no siblings for me. I made lots of good food on Labor Day and did some laundry. It was too hot outside 95! Ick....supposed to cool down today. I knitted on my sock; finished the heel flap and the heel and I'm working on the gusset now. enjoy your brother's visit!

  2. Hi Marsha! Congratulations on the bread! Six weeks, eeeeek! Sounds like my Mozzarella adventure lol!


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