Wednesday, September 13, 2017


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I have been keeping very busy the past two days.  Remember all those towels I needed to get washed and put away?  I got 2 loads done on Monday night and then did another 3 loads on Tuesday.  That did include our personal towels as well as the cleaning clothes we used on Tuesday while cleaning the house a bit.  I don't know if we will be able to swim anymore this year.  Our temps are finally dropping below 100 during the day which means our night time temps will be below 80 and that is when the water starts to cool off quickly.  

Yesterday, after we cleaned up our kitchen and 3 bathrooms, I polished our dining room table as it was really nasty from all the activity it saw the past week.  I then cleaned our sliding glass doors that leads into our Arizona room.  What a difference that made.  There is lots of sunshine pouring into my dining room now.  I still need to clean the windows on the french doors that lead to the pool.  They are quite water spotted and I learned, those water spots need to be cleaned before the sun bakes them into the glass.  That is on my to do list for later tonight as it is still a bit warm out there and the window cleaning solution will dry before I have a chance to wipe it off.

Last night, hubby and I went to the baseball game.  We got to sit in a suite again.  That is so nice to be able to just enjoy the game without having to sit next to some person that has a mouth of a truck driver and the manners of a wild bull.  We lost the game but hubby and I still had a great time.

Do you also remember I talked about working squares 3 and 4 concurrently?

They are both up to the same part of the pattern.  I know it is psychological, but I do feel they are working up faster this way.  It makes me happy and that is the main thing, huh.

This morning I went to Mass as my Grand was the cantor for the Psalm today.  It was her first cantoring this school year.  She did quite well.  I am so proud of all my Grands.  They all have some amazing talents. 

After Mass, hubby and I went to his nutritionist appointment.  I can tell we have gotten just about all there is as far as info for us. I only have 4 sentences of notes this time.  Normally, I had at least a page full of notes. Now it is just putting it into practice.  We got a reprieve too..........................we do not go back for a month.  That actually gives me more time to try and implement what we have learned into our daily diet.  My bread machine is working on another loaf of spelt bread even as I sit here typing away.  Yup, I think I have the bread thing down.  Now to just get all those veggies, dark leafy greens, fruit, healthy snacks, exercise, lean proteins, non gmo, and organic items to keep showing up in our daily lives.  It sounds really hard, but I am hoping by the end of our month away from her, it will become a HABIT.

After we got home from that, we had lunch and then I high tailed it into my craftroom.  I had some Christmas ornaments that were calling my name.  I needed to see how difficult they were to do.

This is all I completed after 2 hours of work.  The only parts completed are the 2 little trees, the snow and the back ground of the sweater.  I love the look of them and think they are going to be so cute but takes quite a bit of time and it is very tedious work.  If I can work an hour a day on them I might be able to complete all 6 of them in time to mail them out for Christmas.  I will say, it made me reach waaaaaay back into my memory bank.  I had to make french knots, satin stitches, chains, straight stitches etc.  I had done all that when my mom and grandma showed me how to embroider pillow cases.  I was about 10 years old.  That is a looooooong time ago.  But, I am enjoying doing them.  It is something a little different for me to do other than yarn items.

Tomorrow is Prayer Shawl day and I am going to go this week.  After that, Grand and I are going to do lunch (she has a half day), go visit my mom, drop into Hobby Lobby for a birthday gift and then head to her house to enjoy some girl time.  I won't be home until about 10 tomorrow night.  Knitting will be going with me!

I am off to clean those french door, feed my dogs and get out some leftovers for our dinner tonight.

Until next time......................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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