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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Just Chillin

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That's me....................Just Chillin....................and if you believe that, you do not know me very well.  Just sayin.

After I finished my blog on Tuesday, I noticed my female dog was having some major issues when she got off the couch and even when she tried to jump up on the couch.  I watched her and called the vet and they were booked for the rest of the day.  So after dinner I took her to the emergency vet to have her looked at.  Diagnosis..............pinched nerve in her neck.  They put her on anti-inflammatory, pain pills and muscle relaxants.  She was such a mellow dog for the next 48 hours.  She is doing much better today and I have not given her any meds, but I noticed just a bit ago, she is starting to be very cautious about jumping off the couch again.  I will medicate her before bed tonight and see if that and sleeping for several hours straight will put the finishing touches on her boo boo.

I wish animals could communicate with us.  It would make it so much easier when we take them to the vet.  LOL  I am thankful it was just that.  He told me if she was no better or even worse by Friday to get her into our vet ASAP but he was pretty sure that was it.  I was concerned it was her back but he showed me how to read the signs of pain when you work certain areas of their body.  Good to know so next time, (hopefully there won't be one) I can work her body and look for the signs he showed me.  What a nice guy he was.  I knew he was not full of himself when he walked into our room and introduced him self saying, " Hi, I'm Brian".  Not Doctor attached to his name and so very laid back and easy to work with.

Wednesday was spent keeping an eye on the dog and trying and get a few household chores done.  I made another loaf of bread.  Those loaves are small and only last about 3-4 days max.  That's ok.  That way, they do not get stale at all.  I also cleaned out the fridge, made kale chips and chard chips.  Cleaned and froze my blueberries, blackberries, and power greens for smoothies.  I did not get to that on Tuesday so was scrambling to get it all done yesterday.  I also finished up all the laundry and got it all put away too.  That is the hardest part for me............putting it away.  I am so worn out after doing 4 or 5 loads of laundry I could care less if it got put away or if we used it out of the laundry baskets.  Bad Bad me.

Today was prayer shawl day.  I had not been for 3 weeks and decided I should really get back there.  I was glad I did.  There were only 8 people there total so it was a nice intimate group and we had a blast talking and laughing.

I started a new shawl too.  No, I am not done with my Grainne.  I wanted one that would work up fast and that meant crocheting one.  My grainne will get completed but right now I need quick projects for prayer shawl since I am not working on them at home until Log cabin is completed.

So this is what I started:

Not too shabby for only working on it for 1.5 hours total.  It is already half done.  I will complete it next week and get everything sewn onto it for the shawl closet and then that is another 2 skeins of yarn out of my stash GONE!  This is just an half granny square shawl and it being done with Premiere Sweet Roll yarn and a size J hook.  It may take 3 skeins, which is fine as I have 5 of this color.  We will see next week.

I also started reading a different book this week.

I am liking it so far.  I have a feeling I already know how it is going to end even though I am only in the 4th chapter.  I might get surprised and if I do................all the better.  I just hope this ends better than the other book I read about a Down's Syndrome person.

I have a pork roast in the crockpot along with baby brussel sprouts and apples.  (More leafy greens!)  It is a new recipe and smells really good.  Finger crossed it turns out wonderful as I am really getting hungry smelling it and it still has about an hour to cook.

After dinner tonight, I am going to make tomorrow night's dinner.  Cheesy Mostaccioli!  One of our favorites.  I will be using gluten free pasta, organic pasta sauce, fresh chicken Italian sausage (all natural from a local market) and then canned cheddar cheese soup (oops, can''t have everything) and lots of mozzarella cheese. 

I am making a double batch and will be taking one over to our friends house. I know the husband has not been cooking since the wife is not eating.  I can understand his feelings about not cooking, but he needs to eat! Plus their son lives at home and he also should not be grabbing fast food every night on his way to work.  I doubt Bev will eat any of it as I just found out she is having trouble remembering how to swallow now.  Bev's sister is in town though until Sunday, and I am sure she would like to have something in the house to eat that is REAL food LOL.

My thoughts and prayers have really been on Texas this week.  All of my family there is OK. My heart goes out to all those who have lost so much.  I think what really hits me is........This is the city where many Hurricane Katrina victims went to to start over.  What a horrible thing to have this happen again to them!

Until next time......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I did laugh when I saw the 'chillin' sign! You are more like the Energizer Bunny! LOL!
    Love the shawl and is there a pattern on Ravelry? I too am reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter and I'm into 1970 but I have been mostly reading Escape about the gal with 8 children who left the FLDS...I cannot believe they allow that in this country...those women and girls have no rights in a free country! That is wrong but I digress. I need to pay more attention to my menus but I need to get this garage sale and outdoor work done first....the pork roast sounds wonderful and brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable! Also, I need to look up recipes for those Kale and Chard chips....snacks are the hardest to go healthy, I think and I need them! LOL! What are you up to for the Labor Day weekend? Yes, prayers are going out daily for Texas and Louisiana. We had a little rain and wind from Harvey on Thursday but not much. TTYL!


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