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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Year 7 Week 9


Hello, I almost did not post today.  Hubby and I spent the past 3 days across town sitting in a hotel listening to speakers with 1500 other fellow Catholics.  It was very up lifting, inspiring yet I am mentally exhausted.  i will sleep well tonight.

Let's take a look at crating sine that is why we are here.

First up........log cabin

Over half way done with square 2.  I took the last 3 days off from it but..........I still did crafting.

The Petty Harbour socks went with me this weekend.  The sock on the left caught up to where I left off (several months ago) on the right sock.  I then worked solely (pun intended) on the right sock.  I got it to the point where the pattern calls for a heel.  I think I want to make he leg just a tish longer.  I have plenty of yarn left so I am not worried about playing yarn chicken. Alas, the socks are going back into hibernation and the log cabin is my main focus again.

That is all for today.  I just took a loaf of bread out of the bread machine and I am settling in to relax for a couple of hours by reading and then it will be lights out.

Until next time..............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are a trooper to post after your long weekend. The socks are looking great and glad you had a great time at your conference. Get your rest and enjoy being home again. Go log cabin!

  2. The Log Cabin square is looking great. As are the socks. I love the color of the yarn you're knitting those socks with. It's been years since I've been to any kind of conference, but your mention of them (and how tiring, yet worthwhile, they can be) took me right back. So glad you enjoyed your time.

  3. Hi Marsh :) Your knitting looks wonderful :)


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