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Sunday, August 20, 2017


Hello everyone.  So nice to be here talking to y'all again.  This has been a fantastic week in our house and I am going to tell you all about it right now.

Let's talk about crafting first:

If you follow me regularly, you know I completed square 1 on Monday evening.  Yes, those are live stitches all the way around the square.  They will be used for either joining the squares or putting the border on.  This is really a very ingenious pattern.  With the first square done I immediately started on the second square.

This is all the further I got this week with it.  I have not touched it for the past 2 days as we have had one of our Grands staying with us and that has consumed all my time.

I have been reading though.  I started a new book last week.

I have not gotten very far into it yet.  It is my bedtime reading and I have only been able to read about 3-4 pages each night and then I am falling asleep.  I have it on my kindle and when you fall asleep with the kindle in your hands, it sends quite a shock wave through you when it falls onto your face LOL.  I will let you know later on, if I like it or not.

I also ordered a couple books this week from Thrift Books..................................


This is the first time I have ordered from Thrift books but it will not be the last.  Their prices are unbeatable.  Even at my used book store I would have paid way more than I did at Thrift Books.  Shipping is free on any purchase over $10.  That is a pretty good deal in itself.  I have 2 more books coming and they should be here on Monday.  They are both cooking type books to help hubby and I with our new way of life in the kitchen.

I need to thank Sam from farmgirlsam for the recommendation of the 2 books I just received.  If you haven't ever been to her blog, you need to go and give it a shot.  She has some great ideas for reading, home improvement, cooking and of course crafts.

I also am reading this:

I subscribed to this magazine about a year ago and I love it.  I read it cover to cover each month.  It is the only magazine I get and will continue to get.  It has so many great ideas and you can adjust them to make them work in your home.  Plus, there are great articles on so many different things.  This month has a wonderful article about exercise and the fact, slower is better.  Quite timely since hubby and I started back to the gym this week.

And finally...................I present to you.........................................................(drum roll please)

The stinkin' puzzle is completed!  This was a good 6 week project.  It is the map of Disneyland................the happiest place on earth.  Let me tell you................I was the happiest person on earth when I completed it.  I have delivered it to my daughter in law and she has already backed and glued it.  I know this would have gone much quicker if I would have know what places were in which 'land'.  It has been over 25 years since I have been there.  It was 1000 pieces but might has well have been 6000 for the time it took to put it together.  I love puzzles, but this one was a stinker.

I need to start on my Christmas ornaments this week too but before I do..............my craft room looks like a tornado hit it again!  I have been just putting my craft stuff on top of my large craft table and it is now over flowing.  Maybe blond Grand and I will go in there today and do a little work.  She loves to craft and she can do that while I do a bit of tidying up.  We will put on some tunes and dance our way to a clean craft room.

Hubby and I have a religious conference starting on Friday afternoon and it goes until Sunday night.  I am taking my knitting with me as there is lots of sitting time listening to inspirational speakers.  Maybe I will be able to make lots of progress on square #2.  That would put me at the half way mark when that one is done.

I am on dog feeding detail this weekend too.  My bff and her hubby moved their daughter in law to California this weekend.  It was kind of hard to see the young lady go but, her hubby is in the Marines and that is where he is stationed at the present time.  He is deployed right now and she wants to get their apartment all nice and ready for when he comes back.  So while they are doing the moving, I am feeding their big goofy dog.  He thinks he is a lap dog but weighs about 80 pounds. He knows my routine too.  As soon as I get in the door, he runs over to his 'cookie' jar and waits for me to give him his 2 cookies.  Then he eats his food and then he gets lots of petting and loving and I talk to him about all sorts of worldly things.  He agrees with all my points of view too.........................what a great dog!

I am going to bake another loaf of bread today too.  I made one a couple of days ago using our nutritionists recipe................it still did not turn out even with the spelt flour.  So I am going to make my honey spelt flour recipe again.  It turns out every time and I love it.  I also need to take the Grand back to WalMart today.  We got her a pair of ballet flats, on Friday, to wear when she serves at church.  They seemed to fit fine in the store but just about killed her yesterday when she wore them.  Need to go up at least 1/2 size.  While there I am also going to look for a bread slicing guide.  Something like this:

It will make it much easier to slice the homemade bread evenly.  Otherwise, I get super thick or paper thin slices.  

That is about all for today...............I hope you all have had a wonderful week.

Until next time..................................happy crafting!!!!!!!



  1. I can't wait to see your completed log cabin!! That puzzle looks crazy difficult!

  2. Oh my goodness such a happy and full post. I love the puzzle! And your log cabin is coming along. I like the idea of the live stiches on squares - to me it makes the putting together neater. All your books have such intriguing titles. I will follow your recommendations on these. And yes - de-cluttering - something I am working on too. That magazine sounds right up my alley.

  3. Hi Marsha :)) The log cabin looks great! And wow, that puzzle...I have a few but I get bored of them so easily, it looks like a lot of work, I'm so happy you enjoyed doing it!

    That's sweet that you're taking care of their dog. I think all of our dogs think they are lap dogs too lol...and it's great when they agree with everything you say lol...

    Good luck on the bread making! I love the idea of the bread slicing guide. That's one thing about homemade bread that challenges me, slicing it for the toaster!

  4. Your log cabin squares look wonderful! And that puzzle - Wowie! No straight edges! I can only imagine how difficult that was to put together.

  5. Gosh, I'm almost exhausted reading your post. You've certainly had a busy week. Your square looks interesting - I'd be terrified of losing one of those live stitches. Will be following your progress. Had to laugh about the dog .... our boy also has a cookie jar and we have to use these treats to get him to come inside the house. He's a little Griffon Bruxellois and we don't like to leave him outside in the really cold weather we get here. He knows the trick and stands a few feet from the door waiting till he hears the lid of the jar being closed then runs in and sits waiting for his treat. Hope you have a good week.

  6. Love your posts! So full of goodies! Okay, the log cabin is gorgeous and how big are those squares again? I have that Storied Life book too on my Kindle! I haven't read much of the Memory Keeper's Daughter but I am about 1/2 way through Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair...too funny! It's my second read of it and there's another book after that. The puzzle is amazing and I have a finished one right now that needs to be glued and framed. I have several hanging on my walls and I just found 2 more I would like to do! LOL!
    I used to subscribe to Real Simple but stopped as I got behind so now I just read the old ones I never had time for when I was working! LOL!
    I can't wait to see your Christmas ornaments!
    You have a lot going on per usual and you are such a good neighbor and grandmother! I hope you enjoy your conference and get lots of knitting done too! Love the bread slicer. I've had that problem in the past also so I turn the loaf after I cut each slice...it seems to help but some breads are easier to slice evenly than others I've noticed. Have a great week! Hugs ~ Sam


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