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Friday, August 4, 2017

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?  It is 4:15am on Friday morning and my eyes are wide opened and my body feel totally rested.  Must mean I need to get up and start my day.  After all, there is always a possibility of a nap later on this afternoon, right?

Yesterday was a whirl wind day for me.  Hubby left for Las Vegas around 9am.  That is the same time I went and picked up Grand and her maternal Grandma.  We went to Prayer Shawl meeting where Grammie donated some lovely yarn to our cause.  I even picked up 6 skeins of it.  I know I am promised not to buy any yarn this year but.....................this was FREE!

After prayer shawl, we went and had a lovely BBQ lunch at one of my favorite BBQ spots. From there we went to pick up uniform skirts for the Grand as well as a belt for her uniforms. Then we skipped on over to Goodwill to see if we could find her any shorts or jeans to cut off into shorts.  No such luck.

I dropped my little crew off at their house and I went out to visit my mom.  I surprised her with a single serving of lemon pie.  She was so excited to see the pie.  She said she has not had any pie or anything lemon since she moved into her facility  I love making her happy and surprising her with little treats like that.  We worked on a puzzle for a couple of hours and then I needed to get back home.

I am so glad I came home when I did.  We got hit with a horrible storm about 30 minutes after I arrived home.  It POURED here for over an hour.  The thunder was so close to my house, it actually shook the house twice.  My poor two dogs were not brave at all.  Normally they will go to my hubby for comfort but...............with him gone, I was their pacifier.  

I know there are a lot of you out there that live in areas that get rain quite often.  That is not the case in my area.  I keep telling you I live in the desert and I am serious.  When we get over 1.5 inches of rain in an hour, flooding is a real thing for us.

This is a bit of a look at our backyard.  The rain was still coming down at this point, but since it was getting dark, I thought I would take a shot of how flooded it was before it got too dark.

As soon as it is light enough this morning, I need to go out back and survey our shed as the water was over the threshold.  Need to check for damage.

Here is another shot of the flooding last night.

This was at our airport.  The water was coming up through the manhole cover because the storm drains were filling up faster than they could handle.

This is what we call the monsoons here in Arizona.  They only last for 3 months, but they can be quite intense at times.  There were high winds that came along with this storm too. Quite a few trees were downed as well as power lines.  The worse part of rain in this area is...............Our streets have oil on them to keep them from cracking from our intense heat.  When it rains, that oil rises to the top of the roads and it is like driving on ice.  Stopping is hard to do as this photo will show.

This is my daughters car................or was.  It is a 2009 so not sure it will be worth fixing at this point.  Depends on the under carriage damage.  The guy behind her forgot how slippery the streets are when wet and slammed into her at a stop light.  He got a minor scrape on his front end and it did push my daughter into the car in front of her.  Not much damage to that car either.  Poor little Easter Egg car is all messed up.

My daughter is not hurt, but she will be sore today as it jarred her neck and back pretty good.  Nothing a nice massage won't take care of.

I am off today to go school supply shopping.  This is my favorite shopping to do.  I love office and school supplies.  I can spend hours in an office supply store.  But..............we will go to WalMart to start, then on to Target and if we still need 'stuff' we will go to Staples and finish up.  After that, Grand, Grammie an I will have another lovely lunch together and then we will go to our respective homes.

I very much enjoy spending time with Grammie.  She and I have many similar interests and she is a FANTASTIC knitter.  We are two people that could just sit and knit together all day and be the happiest grandmas in the world.  LOL  I will be sad when she heads home on Wednesday.  It has been nice to have someone to hang around with.  She and her hubby will be back December 1st and will be snow birds this year.  They will be staying about 1/2 mile from my house.  So excited!

I got my new bread machine yesterday.  I am going to try the gluten free bread in it this afternoon.  I will update you all how it turns out on my Sunday update.  I figured I have several days to play with it before hubby returns and I should be able to get it all worked out by the time he is back.

Need to get my dogs fed, feed me and get ready for my day.  

Until next time......................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Marsha! Wow that is some downpour! I hope your daughter is okay. I'm lucky that I've never been in an accident, but I have had close calls on the highway in winter. We are having thunderstorms all week, and our husky Marlene is having a really hard time. She runs to Alex when she's scared, looking for "daddy" :) Sometimes I'm up at 4:30am and I just don't fight it, I start my day and I actually like the quiet time!

  2. I've been going to bed at 9 p.m. and getting up about 4 or 4:30 which is fine with me! I love getting an early start as I journal for an hour and have my coffee in bed and then make my list for the day.
    I was thinking of you as they showed pictures on the news of the heavy rain and flooding. Unbelievable! Glad you are safe and sound and your daughter too!
    Sounds like you are having fun with 'granddaughter and grannie'....and 6 skeins of yarn for free....sweet!
    BTW...I found the coconut palm sugar at Walmart! Yay! I haven't tried it yet and it was pricy but worth it if it does what it says and tastes good. ...plus, it's 1 for 1 with sugar in recipes which is always nice. I'll have to check the gluten free now...one baby step at a time. I have a bread maker but I lost the paddle....I think Miss Peeps knocked it into the garbage....so I need to order another one. My bread maker is over 30 years old and still works great! I usually make my bread by hand unless it needs a lot of kneading and then I save my hands and use the Kitchen-aid and or the bread maker. I imagine the new ones must be really nice compared to my antique! LOL!
    I am very lucky with my dogs...they are not bothered at all by storms. Happy crafting and bread making! Hugs ~ Sam

  3. Oh no, to the flooding and for your daughter's car. At least everyone is ok.
    We get lot's of rain but we still get flooding so I can sympathise! We had the biggest storm I've ever known the other week - lightning strikes every two seconds for about an hour!


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