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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

So Much Info

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Howdy everyone.  It is Tuesday afternoon and my brain is exploding with information we received from our nutritionist today.  But I will talk about that later.  I wanted to tell you about the books I am reading or have read.

I finished this book last night.  Oh my, it was quite funny and even if you have never been divorced, you will find parts of this book applies to anyone of us.  I recommend this book and give it 4 stars!

I ordered more books from Thrift books and received them last week.

I am sure most of you have heard of the Fly Lady.  I love her ideas and finally got her book so I could reference when ever I started to fall down a naughty rabbit hole.  I will be working with it daily for the next few weeks to see if I can totally get everything in this big old house of ours under control once and for all.

This is a small book but I am looking forward to reading it and having a good belly laugh from it.  Fingers crossed it does not disappoint.

Do I really need to explain this one?  If you have never had a hot flash, shame on you.  I have been dealing with them for 14 years.  They have almost become a way of life for me.  Hopefully this will make me chuckle at this phase of my life.............hopefully.

I am sure many of you knitters have already read this book.  I have no idea if it is a great book or not but I am willing to give it a try.

I am going to be ordering more books this next week.  They are the ones that were recommended from the conference and got sold out before we could get to them.  I have a list of about 7 I need to order and it will be split between Thrift books and Amazon depending on the price.

Ok, the nutritionist.  Each time we meet, we get homework from her.  The first time was to switch out from 'flour' and switch to bean flour or spelt flour.  We also needed to go as gluten free as possible as well as non GMO.  Label reading was very important. We also needed to start on some supplements too.

The second time we met with her we were challenged to start making more 'homemade items' like salad dressings, soups, all bread etc.  We were also to get our lazy bodies back to the gym for exercise at least 3 times a week.

We aced both of those homework assignments and today our new assignment was to add more green leafy veggie to our diet.  She is not talking about lettuce either unless it is Arugula.  She is talking about chard, kale, collard greens, spinach, etc.  We can add them into smoothies as well as adding some of the following; beets, fennel, lemon, celery, apples, honey (raw, non heated), ginger, turmeric, cucumber etc to the smoothies.  We are also to avoid corn (unless organic) soy and wheat as these are usually GMO products.

She gave me a recipe for fried rice that uses tofu, veggies, meat of your choice and eggs. Hubby and I both love fried rice so that will be made soon.  We were with her for over an hour today and my head is ready to explode with all the info she gave us.  We go back in 2 weeks again to report on how we did with our homework.  

After we left her office, we headed out and spent the next 2 hours shopping for our leafy veggies.  Dang.................that was a lot of work.  I am going to make kale chips and chard chips tonight in our dehydrator.  I am looking forward to doing that.  Lucky for us, using a dehydrator on 110-115 degrees stills leaves the nutrients in the veggies so they count as raw veggies.  Oh the things you can learn from Google!

Tonight we are having pork chops and I will make the collard greens to go with them.  I might make a small batch of quinoa too as I have a boat load of that and need to use it. I keep forgetting about it..............not used to eating a grain on the side anymore.

Off to do a bit of veggie cleaning and getting it ready to dehydrate and then I am going to sit and knit for a while.

Until next time............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Marsha :) Those books look interesting! I read more in the winter so I have a list handy for when I'm ready! I'm sure it was overwhelming at the nutritionist, I hope your homework goes well! :)

  2. I think you will really enjoy The Friday Night Knitting Club....she has a 2nd book after that one too and maybe a 3rd? I enjoy reading books about things I am doing in my real life...like knitting!
    I need some cleaning and decorating stories! LOL!
    Thank you for sharing your tips from the nutritionist! Very good ideas and some I already do but I've been slacking with the cleaning and sale coming up. I will do better once Winter arrives and I can't do any more outside work. One of my favorite greens are turnip greens...I just get them in the can as I never see them fresh. Enjoy your books!


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