Sunday, August 6, 2017


I am happy to be here today talking to all of my friends and family.  I have had a very busy week but have managed to get some knitting done on the Log Cabin square.

Purple is completed and I am ready to start on the next 2 sides of black again. As you can see, it is getting bigger quite quickly.  There are 60 stitches on the last purple side I knit. Because it grows by 10 stitches on each side, it is getting harder and harder for me to put the live stitches on just one stitch holder.  It will even get a bit more difficult to use two of them as I get to the last color.  Therefore, I ordered more stitch holders yesterday.  I love these stitch holders

Double Ended Stitch Holders

They will be here on Monday.  I am only half done and it is already 12 inches on each side.  Once the square is completed, the lives stitches will be placed on waste yarn until I join all of the squares together and then add the border.

I worked on my Grainne shawl on Thursday morning but only got 1 more repeat of the lace pattern done on it.  I am obsessed on getting the Log Cabin done and out of my house.  I mean, come has been living here since 2011 and it is time for it to move on.

My local grand daughter's maternal grandma (Grammie) is still in town and we have been having so much fun.  We have gone to lunch twice, been school shopping twice which led me into temptation.  You see.................on the second school shopping trip, the child needed oil pastels for her art masterpiece class.  The only place you can get those is a craft store. Since Hobby Lobby is directly across the street from Wal Mart,  Grammie and I sucked it up and said we would take her there since she HAD to have those pastels right NOW.

Wouldn't you know it.....................Grand child found a clearance aisle full of discounted yarn.  Grammie found enough to make an afghan for her family room.  Now remember, I put on my YOP list, I am working through my stash this year.  So of course I had that going through my mind as I was loading my cart up with 15 skeins of Soft Secret yarn.  But you have to was $2 off each skein.  I do have a project planned for all of it too.  It is not like it is just in my stash because it was on sale.  Nope, I am learning that is a very bad idea.  Let's take a look at what I have.

I have put the skeins together for each project they will be used for.  Actually, each bundle is going to be used for a prayer shawl.  The yarn is so darn soft and cuddly, it will be perfect for someone going through cancer treatments.  Take a look at these lovely colors.

I even managed to get some manly colors.  That is the one area our shawl closet is usually short of.  I am trying to be more and more mindful of that too.

I was also gifted some yarn by Grammie.  She also has quite a stash in her home in Washington State.  She brought down quite a bit of yarn and gave it to our prayer shawl stash closet.  Before she handed it to them, she allowed me to go through it and this is what I picked out.

 The color in this photo does not do this justice.  It is a very pretty blue and much brighter than what it shows here.  It is an unusual cotton yarn and I think I will make a dishcloth with it  There is 109 yards (100 meters) in it and I doubt that would be enough to do a dish towel. The fact that it has little knobbies on it makes me think it would be a good scrubbing cloth.  It is a German yarn and I am very excited to use it.

I also grabbed this Bernat Pipsqueak:

 Once again the blue is not showing up well.  It is a true baby blue.  I have 6 skeins total of these two colors.  Three skeins of each one.  This will become a lovely baby blanket for Hannah's House.  

Hannah's House is another part of Maggie's Place.  There are 5 homes here in the Phoenix Metro area and they all have different names but they are all part of the same ministry. One of them is attached to our parish.  If you would like to read a bit more about them, here is a link.  It is a home for unwed mothers to go to when they have no where else to go.  While there, they are given parenting classes.  The girls/ ladies continue in their education.  If they have completed High School and have no job skills, they are helped with job training so they can support themselves and their child.  Once their child is born they can stay at the home for 6 to 9 months while they find a job and get on their feet.  If you would like to donate any handmade items, please let me know in the comments and leave me your email address.  I will then email you my address where the items can be sent to and I will deliver them to Hannah's House.  We accept;newborn booties, newborn hats, blankets, pacifier holders, and wash cloths.  If you want to include a little card with the item, that would be super sweet too.  

Grammie made a blanket for them.  I will be delivering it this week to them.

Hubby is still in Las Vegas but will be home Wednesday.  He left on Thursday and I had grand plans of doing a bunch or organizing while he was gone.  So far all I have managed to organize is the deep freeze and the freezer attached to my fridge.  I have also organized my list of what I want to organize.  LOL I plan on being home all day today and on Tuesday also. Hopefully, I will get something done during those days.

I did finally make a loaf of Gluten Free bread.  It was made in my new bread machine.  It is OK.  Next time, I will cut the kneading time down on it as it is still a little too dense.  Gluten free does not need the kneading that other breads do.  It tastes good though.  I got the recipe from our nutritionist.  I was most concerned with the taste as the first loaf I made tasted like saw dust.  This one is much much better.  I put a bit of butter on it and it was quite yummy.  Hopefully, this will satisfy hubby's bread craving.

Until next time...............................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This Log Cabin blanket sounds like quite a challenge. Keeping fingers crossed for you that you can cross it off your list soon.

  2. Your yarn buying is envious! and I love how you have put the colours together. Those stitch holders look wonderful - beats my use of stash yarn all to heck! Sounds like you and Grammie are having a great visit. I will pm you for your address. I used to work as a Lactation Consultant for teenage mothers who attended a local highschool near me. It had daycare on the premises so they could get their grade 12 graduation. That was twenty years ago now. I am still in touch with many of them. One is a doctor now! And another is a Police Officer. With support those young mom's can really do well.

  3. I love how the log cabin is coming along and if you keep working on it at the rate you are it is sure to be gone and out of the house soon. I love the yarn you've put together for the prayer shawls such a great idea.

  4. Hannah's House is doing a wonderful job for those young girls. We have a similar one where I live and a few years ago, a group I belong to made lots of knitted/crochet items for their baby bundles. So sad that the girls don't have a loving home environment for support though isn't it? Your log cabin square is fascinating - haven't seen anyone using stitch holders on them before. I'll be following its progress with interest. How sad that you had to cross the road to that store !!! And fancy all those balls of yarn jumping into your cart - enjoy!

  5. You're inspiring me with your log cabin blanket 'finishing'. I am trying really hard to stick to my WIP's....I've only fallen off the wagon once so far! LOL!
    Good for you getting all that yarn on sale and for such a great cause! Also, Hannah's House sounds like a wonderful organization. There are so many out there that can use our help! At least you got some organizing done...I did mange to throw out 10 things a day this's a start! LOL! I can't wait to see your cast ons with all that gorgeous yarn! TTYL!

  6. You have been so busy as well! It definitely doesn't count as stash enhancement if the project is planned.

  7. I'm so glad your bread didn't taste like saw dust! :) Your log cabin blanket is looking good! I love those skein combinations, the colours are fantastic!

  8. I'm glad you showed a picture of the stitch holders. I think I saw them last week (on your square) and didn't know what I was looking at. Now I do! At first I chuckled at your story of finding all that yarn on sale while you're committed to stash busting - I so related. And then I saw the color combinations - wow! Those are really pretty colors together. So glad you found yarn you love at such a bargain, and for such a good cause.

    I spent some time on the Maggie's Place website. Thank you for sharing that. I'm going to be looking to see if there is a similar ministry in this area.


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