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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I love reading too

I love to read.  I try to read some everyday.  It is a wonderful way to escape into another world or into someone else's life.  I have been doing more reading of late.  I have finished 2 books and have started a third.  Let's take a look at what I have read.

This was my bed time reading for the past bit.(Kindle edition)  It was a grand book and I really loved getting to know the characters.  This was about a group of totally unmatched people taking a bus tour through Ireland.  The tour guide/ bus driver was a fantastic man and made me chuckle on more than one occasion.  You really need to pay attention to the beginning of the book, when all the characters are introduced.  Otherwise, you will be going back to try and figure out who is with whom.  I would give it 4 stars.

The next book I finished was:

The main character is this book is a young woman who has Downs Syndrome.  She lives at home with her divorced mother.  This was a paperback I had purchased for my mom to read.  She finished it and gave it to me to peruse.  I really can not tell you too much about this book.  Not because I can't, but because, I think you need to experience for yourself.  If you know anyone with mental disabilities, this book will make you stop and rethink about what their life is like.  I give this 4.5 stars.  The writing was wonderful and the characters were developed to perfection.  The first half of the book was a bit slow, to me, but after that, I could hardly put it down.

I am reading on my kindle only at the moment.  Not because I do not have any paperbacks, but because, I find I can pick up on my book anywhere I am, since I have kindle on my phone, tablet, kindle and laptop.  I am on the move quite a bit these days so the books are good company for me when I do not what to knit.

The current book I am reading is:

I have only gotten to the end of chapter 2 so not really sure how this is going to go.  It has been OK so far but, I am hoping it will get funnier as I read more.

That is it for my book review.

Hubby is heading out tomorrow morning for Las Vegas.  He needs to help his mom with some legal stuff and also will get her to some dental appointments she has.  I so hope he can convince her to move down here with us.  He can not keep heading up to Las Vegas every time she needs something.  She is 90 and really should not be living alone.  We have even asked her to move into an assisted living facility and she refuses to do that too. We thought, that way she could stay in Las Vegas where she has all her doctor's, dentist and other places she likes to shop and gamble at. Fingers crossed that this time he can talk some sense into her and get her to move down here.  We have casinos, shops, doctors and dentists here too!  

He will be gone for a week.  I have some wonderful organizing plans while he is gone.  I already bought bins for my freezer and cleaned it out and organized everything in there.  I do need to label the bins though.  That is one thing on my list.  One of the lights in our carport has been burnt out for half a year and I AM going to put a new one in there.  Hubby keeps insisting it burns out every week.  The last bulb was in there for over a year.  To save having an argument I just kept quiet and decided to replace it myself when he is not home. Our Arizona room needs some work to organize it up a bit.  That is my BIG project for the next week.  I think I can get 80% of it organized in a weeks time.  It will be nice to have it all nice and neat back there again.  

Of course, there will be knitting and puzzle working going on too.  Tomorrow is Prayer Shawl meeting and I will work on my Grainne Shawl.  My grand daughter and her maternal Grandmother will be going with me.  I am still working on the log cabin squares too.  Still on square 1 though.

Tonight is taco night.  We were going to have them last night but............Grand daughter's birthday was yesterday and she wanted to come over and go night swimming and have spaghetti for dinner.  Who could say no to their Grand?  Her mom was at work when they all came over but when mom arrived.................there were squeals of joy and excitement.  Her mom had picked up Grand's best friend, on the way to my house, as a surprise for her.  You see, Grand has been in Seattle for the past 5 weeks.  She has really missed her BFF and her mom and dad.  This was the best surprise her parents could have done for her.

That's it for today.  Hubby goes to Mass tonight to set everything up for the priest.  Maybe I will change that light bulb out while he is there!  That would take one thing off my to do list!

Until next time..................................happy crafting!!!!!!!

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  1. Great minds think alike! I did a book review yesterday too. I wrote your first 2 down as they sound wonderful. People in Florida have 'Florida Rooms' and now I know you have an Arizona Room so instead of calling mine a 'porch' I am officially renaming it my 'Arkansas Room'! LOL!
    I hope your MIL agrees to moving. I know it is hard as you age to give up the life and home you have loved but she has to consider how hard this is on you guys too. It's not like you're putting her in a home. My day will come, I'm sure and I will be darn grateful if my children can help me out or want me near them!
    Your life is as busy as ever and love your organizing plans! Too funny about your hubby and the light bulb....you're right to just not nag and take care of it yourself....not worth the fussing over. I always used to go with the saying 'pick your battles' as some are not worth it but when it's really important then you need to speak up. I did that with my children too.
    Enjoy your Prayer Shawl meeting! Hugs ~ Sam


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