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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

It has been a wonderful day.  It started early, like 4 AM early.  It doesn't happen often, that I can't sleep.  When it does, I take the opportunity to enjoy some quiet me time.

This morning, I did a bit of a clean up in my craftroom.  Our Grand was coming over after school and she needed a place to do homework.  Her desk is in my craftroom.  While I was in there, I cut out the sleep shorts, for her.  What a huge mess.  The fleece was horrible to cut. It shed everywhere and sewing it turned into a major pain in my side.  But she loves them.  I thought they looked so horrible,  I wouldn't even take a photo of them.

I also went to the crochet class today and had 3 students I got to supervise.  They were a joy to be with. One was a young man.  He understands this craft so well.  I am impressed.  

On the crafting front,  not only did I make the sleep shorts, I turned the heel on my Spring Tulip socks and did a few rows on the Stitch sampler shawl.

I attended a school board meeting tonight and am now kicking back watching reruns.  I will work a bit more on the shawl tonight before bed and then read a few chapters in my book.

I haven't heard whether mom likes her new bed socks or not.  I go to visit her tomorrow so will find out then.

Until next time. . . . . . . . . . . . happy crafting! 

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