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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for all my blogging friends that sent up prayers for me yesterday. 

I am thankful for my Doctor who is giving me some hand freedom.

I am SUPER thankful that I am being allowed to try knitting.  If it hurts, I need to stop and reapply the brace.  Otherwise, I only need to wear the brace while driving, sleeping, doing laundry or anyother task that requires a bit of oomph.

Should have seen the smile on my face when I received the news.  I should be totally out of the brace in the next couple of weeks.  By the end of next week, it should only need to be worn to bed and driving.  He said, those are the times my thumb is at the most vulnerable. 

So, I am closing this update now and grabbing a pair of needles and giving it a whirl for a little bit.

Until next time...........Happy Crafting

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