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Sunday, September 9, 2018


Hello and happy Sunday to all of you dear readers.  It has been an eventful week and I posted everyday other than Friday and Saturday.  Those 2 days I was super busy working on my knitting projects.  You know what that means?  The injection I got on Thursday worked quite well.  WOOHOO!  I am so happy to have my hand and wrist back again. 

Want to see what I have accomplished?

I completed the second round on my #3 Rising Tide scarf.  Can you see the 'white' in the far right scallop?  That is a shimmer yarn that is in the yarn I am using.  Sure does add a bit of 'fancy' to the scarf.

I took the other 2 scarves to my LYS to have them soaked and blocked.  I decided I would let someone else play with that 100% wool for a while.  Being scalloped, it will take a mega amount of pins to get it really blocked nicely.  It was not very expensive to have them do it for me.  I love supporting my local businesses too.

Last weekend, my BFF informed me her dishcloths were getting pretty worn out.  Friday, I went stash diving and found some new to me cotton yarn:

And as usual, I loved it and it is a discontinued yarn.  I bought this from a friend who was moving and trying to reduce her stash.  Darn it!  It was a joy to work with.  I made this with it.

This is one of my favorite dishcloth patterns.  It is the DW pattern and works up pretty quickly.  Since it worked up so quickly, I had time to make this one too.

This pattern was given to me by a friend and is not a published pattern.  Both of these cloths were made on Friday as I gave them to her Saturday evening.

Saturday, I decided to concentrate on my socks.  The last time I posted a YOP on the socks was week 7 and they looked like this.  They have been on vacation because of my wrist and hand until this week.  Here is week 7:

Here is today:

Both socks have the heels done and now I am ready to work on the foot and then the toe.

The next few days will be filled with activity.  We are leaving on Wednesday morning to head to Washington State.  I do have someone coming to stay at the house and take care of the dogs.  There is so much to do before a trip.  It seems the older I get the longer it takes me to get ready for a get away.

Once we get back from our little trip, I want to get very serious about downsizing our 'stuff'.  Hubby seems to be dragging his feet so I will just take charge and do it all myself.  As he sees stuff leaving, I am sure he will jump in to protect what he considers valuable items he can not live without.  Listen................we have 5 bookcases FULL of books and no reason to keep 90% of them.  There are items in our 'backroom' that have not been used or touched in 10 years.  There are boxes in our shed that have never been unpacked from when we moved in here in 1988!  You get the picture, right?  We have the room now for all our 'stuff' yet, I want to move to a smaller home and that means getting rid of some 'stuff'.  Maybe even A LOT of 'stuff'. LOL

Okay......................I need to get ready for Mass.

Until next time........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Isn't that always the way? You find a yarn (or hairdresser, or makeup) you love and then they go an discontinue it. ARGH!!! LOL

    Glad the injection made your wrist feel better.

  2. Oh discontinued yarn.....I've had to go hunting for a couple extra skeins of discontinued yarn in the past few months. ::sigh:: At least I was able to find it!

  3. Downsizing.

    We did that for a few YEARS before moving into our 'perfect for us' two bedroom and den condo. We had the added challenge of downsizing not only our stuff but items we saved them relatives who died (3 of them.). And that downsizing took place after we had already thinned out their belongings.

    Downsizing is like pealing an onion. You do a first go through and it feels great, and then you see things you kept from that first go-through and you think ... why did I keep that! And so on. And don't forget that a downsized home is just a snap shot in time - because you are still bringing things in. Sounds a little depressing as I write this, but it is not at all!!! It is like eating potato chips. You can't have just one. It is a feel good activity. And once you get in that mode - you want to enhance that feel good feeling by doing it again. And you will have most success doing it without help - especially of a husband! They mean well, but sometimes the most gets done by one dedicated individual.

    One story and then I will stop ... one downsizing session I had produced 10 large garbage bags of stuff (for donation and trash). My husband saw the bags on our porch. Asked me what was in them - by that time my brain had already deleted the contents as well. I couldn't tell him. So I said ... if you can tell me anything you are missing, I will find it in those bags and get it out. He tried. He couldn't.

    What I have discovered is that an individual needs very little in life to live fully and happily. It frees up your mind for other things, it frees up your time cause there is less to care for. It is just freeing! Enjoy it all.

  4. So typical, isn't it - all the best yarn seems to be discontinued!

    Glad the injection helped your wrist, and well done on those dishcloths and the socks - that's great progress!

  5. Isn't that the way of it! The minute you find something you like they discontinue it! It used to happen to me with lipstick colors and now it's yarn. Cute dishcloth and I may have to give that pattern a try. Wow, you made up for lost time with your socks! So pretty and I must go back and revisit your other posts....you've finished 3 rising tides? Di I see them? I love that pattern and yours was so pretty although I only remember 1. Am I slipping? I agree with retired knitter although some of the things are too valuable to sell in a garage sale but I will still get rid of alot and the 15 minutes a day is truly working for me. Down here it is hard to get rid of things as everyone is downsizing! LOL! Have a nice trip. I am such a homebody....I love staying home after all those years of working and having to go, go, go all the time. Take Care!

  6. love your socks immensely, what a cheerful colorway! I would love to downsize anything but I'm too lazy to do it. I will wait until I have to do it :)

  7. I hear you about trying to declutter the basement with my hubby insisting he will need that geiger counter one day!!
    I love the pooling on your first discloth - I can see the outline of a cat's body - very neat.
    I hope you can get your cleanup done when your hubby's back is turned, and great news about the injection helping.

  8. The pooling on that first dishcloth is terrific. Downsizing is good which reminds me I need to organize my half of the closet.


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