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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Stress Gone!

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Hello and happy Tuesday.  What a fantastic weekend we had.  It was a three day weekend here in the States.  There was good food, fun, beverages and swimming happening most of the weekend.  It was so nice to just relax for a few days.

Sunday I finally decided I was tired of not being able to work with my yarn projects.  My stress level was escalating and most of it was because I wasn't knitting.  So what did I do?  I said to heck with it.  I grabbed my needles and started in.  I didn't stop when my fingers started to tingle.  Nor did I stop when my hands got pins and needles.  The needles continued to move even when my arm started to feel a bit tingly.  I didn't care..........I could feel my stress leaving my body.  You see, I have a certain type of eczema that gets extra bad when I am stressed.  I was broken out really badly and my eczema meds were not touching it.  So, I knit most of the day Sunday and all day Monday.  Today, when I woke up, my eczema was 90% cleared up!  YIPPEE!!!!!!!

Here is a little look at what I accomplished in 2 days.

I completed the second Rising Tide scarf.  They both need a bath and blocking and that will get done in the next couple of days.

I tried my hand at this:

It is a bit tricky to color.  If you go over it too much all the color comes off.  This will take some time to complete.  This activity actually hurt more than the knitting.

While I was on a roll, look how much I got done on these:

This is from week 3 weeks ago when I stopped working on them.

This is from this morning.  Both socks are at the same spot.  I will continue to work on my socks and will be casting on another Rising Tide with the new yarn I bought a week ago.  I am scheduled for an injection on Thursday for my CTS and I don't figure I can do much more damage to it in 3 days.  Plus, it helps keep my fingers much more limber and the RA at bay from my dominant hand.  My RA Doctor told me knitting and crocheting is one of the reasons I still have so much use of my hands.

Ok, that is all I wanted to tell you about today.  So I will leave you with a peaceful photo:

My boy sound asleep with his little pink tongue showing.  

Until next time.............happy crafting!


  1. that is a super deep sleeping pup! I find the more I knit the happier I am and the less stressed I am as well :)

  2. Glad the knitting helps.

    When I'm stressed my knitting goes haywire and I make SO many mistakes. I guess it's a lack of concentration. But, WITHOUT my knitting I'd be a lot more stressed I'm sure.

    What a funny pup! LOL

  3. Oh forgot to add -----------you asked about how I put my blocks together. Each one is joined to the last by picking up stitches along the edges. It's the Coziest Memory blanket by Kemper Wray on Ravelry and she has good explanations about how to set up the blocks.

  4. What a great post that shows how knitting is good for one's mental and physical health.


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