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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Washington Visit Part 1

Hello and welcome to my blog today.  I am writing this from my hotel room in Port Orchard Washington.  Hubby and I flew into Seattle yesterday and were greeted by some dear friends and that is where our adventure begins.  They offered to drive us to Port Orchard instead of us taking a ferry across the bay.  What a great idea that was.  

I had heard of a lovely yarn shop in Gig Harbor and asked if we could take a little detour to it.  They were more than happy to accommodate me and I ended up at Rainy Day Yarns.

What a wonderful shop and the lady there was so helpful in explaining how the shop was set up.  I found a lovely gradient skein of yarn that is screaming to be made into a shawl for me.

After the yarn shop, the guys happened upon a little country store across the street that made some of the best sandwiches we had eaten in forever.  Once we were fed and relaxed we got back on the road to Port Orchard.  After checking into our hotel, hubby and I took off on foot to downtown Port Orchard.  Our oldest has his own 'comic' store there.  We had not seen it and were excited to see how he was doing.  I have photos of his store.......Take a little look:

My favorite item in his shop is this:

How would you like to have that in your front entryway.  

After spending a few hours at the shop, we went around the corner and found a little sports bar and grill and had a nice dinner along with a few adult beverages.  We walked back to our hotel which is on the waterfront.  It was a lovely cool evening and I enjoyed the slow pace we were doing.

This flag is flown everywhere we go.  This was at the sports bar we ate at.  These people are all big Seattle Seahawk lovers.

This is the view from our hotel room:

This is the Navy shipyard across the bay from us.  We will be traveling over there tonight for dinner with my nephew.  See the boat on the far left?  That is an aircraft carrier.  You can only see a small part of it.  Trust me.....it is HUGE.

This is the same photo at night.  Isn't that just breath taking.  Not living near water, this is so much fun for me.

Tomorrow we head across the sound and will be in Burien for the rest of our stay.  There is a 70th birthday party Saturday night for our daughter in law's mother. (She and her husband are the dear friends that picked us up from the airport!)  She is also a knitter so there will be some yarny goodness being played with over the next few days.

I will be taking more photos and will continue the travel log in the coming days.

Until next time...................happy crafting!


  1. the little comic store looks really big! my daughter and son in law would love to shop there! As for me, I'm all envious of the yarn store (of course).

  2. What fun, sightseeing you've been doing.

  3. Looking out over water is SO relaxing. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!

    We had the chance to live on the St. Johns river in Jacksonville for a year. The city lights reflected in the water at night were beautiful.


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