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Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday Funday

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Most people dislike Monday's.  When I worked outside of the home, I was not a fan of it either.  But now that retirement has happened.......Monday is the day hubby and I get quite a bit done as far as errand running.

Today was no exception.  Hubby did some work in the yard early this morning while I updated my book and fiber journals as well as cleaned some windows.  Once that was done, hubby took off to get our RO water jugs filled, get our pool water tested and picked up my 25 lb bag of spelt flour.  While he did that, I headed to Wally World to find a container to hold said 25 lb of flour as well as some 'special' dog food.  We both got home about the same time and put everything away.  

That made it lunch time.............................this is what happened yesterday to make our life a bit easier.

I made 8 mason jar salads for hubby and myself.  This is the first time I have made these.  I must say....................the salad was delicious and am looking forward to having another one tomorrow.  We will see how they hold up by day 4.  Hubby was also impressed with the flavor and how everything was crisp.

This afternoon we made our plans for the week as far as house cleaning and laundry and any other errands we need to accomplish before we leave town this weekend.  Once that was done, we decided to take some time and just relax and watch some of our recorded shows.

I worked on my dishcloths for a while and did finish the red one and started and finished another one today too.  I will update about them on Sunday.

There has been something else I have been wanting to do for quite a while and today was the day I started on it...................learning how to REALLY use my camera I bought a year ago.  I started reading this:

It is excellent.  He does not talk above my education level.  Even though I have used the camera I am starting from the very beginning of the book and reacquainting myself with some of the features I had forgotten were there.  I hope by the time I get about half way through this book I will be taking some fantabulous photos.  I have some fun lenses I really want to get familiar with and he even goes into that in this book.  Learning something new is so much fun...........even at my 'old' age.  

Dinner is over and I am getting ready to cast on another dishcloth.  I want them all done so I can mail them and get back to my socks.  Plus....................I have a test knit coming up in a couple of weeks, so need to be finished with other projects so I can devote my time to it.

Until next time.................happy crafting!!!!!!


  1. You 2 are quite the team and get so much done! I still need to make my jar salads. I found that it seemed to keep the lettuce/spinach fresher longer in the jars than in the original containers. Or maybe it was just they got eaten faster! LOL!
    I need to do the same with my camera that my son gave me. He didn't give a manual with it but I'm sure I can find one online. I know it can take better pictures than what I'm taking. Enjoy!

  2. No longer having the same types of commitments in my life, Mondays have become my favorite day of the week. The days ahead seem full of possibilities. I'm eager to hear how your salads fare by day four. And how much you like the new book you're using to get more familiar with your camera. I hope to learn about your different lenses. I only have two lenses - nothing fancy at all. Have a great rest of the week, Marsha.

  3. I had to look up your RO jugs. How do you like spelt flour? Does it taste a lot different from regular flour? And does it change a recipe some in terms of texture and taste? Good for you on learning how to really use your digital. That's something I'd like to do one day too as I usually use the automated settings. I'd probably need the Dummies book.

  4. Love the salad jars. What a great idea. I am retired too, and Fridays and Mondays don't hold the same power they did when I was working that is for sure. But man, you and your hubby are an errand busting duo for sure.


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