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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It's Wednesday

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Hello.....It is just about dinner time here but I wanted to get a quick update done before eating.  It has been a busy day for these 2 'old' people.

I had a nail appointment this morning.  Hubby went and got our water cooler bottles filled while I was gone.  After lunch we had an appointment with our nutritionist.  She gave us some sad news.........the company she works for, is no longer going to bill insurance for her services.  This is an issue for those of us on Medicare.  As a patient, we are not allowed to file claims with Medicare.  Plus...........the Medicare plan that covers our state will not pay for a Nutritionist......only a dietitian!  And you can only go to a dietitian AFTER you are diagnosed with a disease!  Crazy,huh.  Needless to say, hubby and I will be contacting our Medicare carrier and starting to file complaints by voice and by mail.  (Our Medicare carrier is Blue Cross of North Dakota and there is no coverage for nutritionists by ANY blue cross plan!)

We were bummed but.......................she is going to start holding classes and the cost of the  is NOT prohibitive for our 'fixed' income.  We are looking forward to going to those.  Then, come to find out, she will also do private sessions if needed for a small fee.  I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

When we got home I had a lovely package waiting for me.  Knit Picks had been delivered.  I had ordered from them while in Texas.  Let's take a little peek at what was in the box.

I ordered this pattern book.  It has many sweaters and they are all designed for small to plus sized women.  There are only 2 long sleeved sweaters in it and the rest are sleeveless or short sleeved.  It was on sale and I have already marked about 6 of them I would love to make.

Daughter in Law in Texas suggested that she could use some more dishcloths.  Seems her husband decided they would be great to clean his BBQ grill.  I swear, I raised him better than that.  I got 2 skeins of each color.  The red is not showing up well in the photo.  It is a BRIGHT Fiesta red.

I finally got a yarn bowl.  I have been wanting one for several years.  I bought a bamboo bowl at Ikea 2 years ago.  Hubby said he would be happy to turn it into a yarn bowl.  Hasn't happened yet and this one was on sale and solid Rosewood.  I think it is happy to be in my home LOL.

The weather has been lovely and I have even been able to sit outside in my rocking chair during the mornings and enjoying some fresh air.  Our front door has been open all day today.  I love fresh air.  I realize it won't be long before opening the door will only bring in burning heat.  I will take it while I can!

Until next time........................happy crafting.


  1. LOVE your yarn bowl, very pretty. I have two and do enjoy using them. I painted one...not well I might add, but it's useable. Medicare and frankly all insurances should be more about preventive. It's frustrating. I have Aetna Medicare Advantage and called last week to see about a dietitian. It's handled like any specialist with a $50.00 copay. I'm in Ohio. Perhaps have them check again for you? You on Advantage? I wanted to learn more about how to lower cholesterol with diet and not take the pills they want to prescribe. AND normally, I am very active, but at the moment with a broken foot so...not. Not sure I understand what the difference is between a dietitian and nutritionist.
    Sandy's Space

  2. I am so far behind in reading blogs! Not that I don't want to but Spring has sprung here and that means my work load has doubled! LOL!
    I am wanting to get a Knit Picks order in myself but haven't done it yet. I love your 'treasures'...your son isn't REALLY going to use those to clean the grill I hope! Mercy! LOL!
    So sorry to hear about your nutritionist! YOu would think that they would want people to eat healthy and learn how so as to be 'proactive' in our health....evidently no real money in that. Glad she is such a great professional to give classes and share her knowledge. Take care and enjoy 'our' nice weather before the heat sets in! Here too!

  3. That yarn bowl is great! I love it and now I want one!!! I'm glad you're enjoying the weather on your porch. The Knit Picks order looks delicious! lol! :)

  4. I'm glad you have some alternative plans with the nutritionist situation. It was great to read how she cares about the community and her patients. LOL about the whole dishcloth thing!


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