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Friday, April 27, 2018


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The basketball tournament is over for our grand daughter.  It was double elimination and they lost their second game last night.  She was quite bummed..................I wasn't.  The tournament was held 28 miles from us.  We had to get to it by going through rush hour traffic in 2 smallish cities and 1 LARGE city.  Yesterday it took me 70 minutes on the freeway to get there!  The day before it was an hour to get there.  I am not fond of big city driving.  I have lived in the suburbs of; Phoenix, Dallas and Philadelphia.  I have driven in all of those cities and have hated it each time.  Philadelphia has wonderful mass transit, so it really wasn't necessary for me to drive the city.

Yesterday, convinced me, there is no reason for me to go to the 'big' city for any reason EVER!   I was cut off, nearly run off the road, and tail gated while going about 15 MPH!  Seriously, I was so happy to see the team loose their second game.  I even took my grand out for frozen yogurt afterwards to celebrate LOL!

She was bummed about the loss but......................those girls played their hearts out.  They have nothing to be ashamed of.

Now, we get back to our regularly scheduled program.

Until next time...............happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!  


  1. I feel the same way Marsha...I HATE going to the city for any reason. The drivers are horrible, they use their vehicles as a weapon or a way to be a bully. I think the last time we went to the city was over a year ago now and have no plans to go back! Sorry for your granddaughter though, must have been sad to lose like that.

  2. I live technically in big city. But, actually stay here in my little suburb as much as possible for the exact thing you blogged about Marsha. I also don't like watching sports and think there's too much of it for the young kids. Some is good; but the focus on being good, winning etc, I liked when I was young and we neighbor sports without adults involved. Different world nowdays. Kids never do that. When I go to one of my Doc's, I take the slow longer way because I can't stand the traffic on the fast route. Last time I went that way almost had an accident, so completely understand where you're coming from.

    Sandy's Space

  3. I understand how you feel about driving in a city. Me and the husband get all agro when we're back in SF. You are a wonderful grandmother, all attending her granddaughter's tournament. Glad you're safe at home.


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