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Sunday, April 15, 2018


Happy Sunday everyone.  It is another glorious day here in Arizona, albeit getting a bit warm outside.  We finally had to turn on our A/C last week.  It already reached 100 degrees F here!  But let's talk about my crafting week.

While I was traveling, I discovered I had forgotten my 'I' crochet hook.  I had remembered the yarn for a shawl I wanted to make.  The case with all my other crochet hooks was also with me.  I knew what I did.......when I loaded my project bag with the shawl supplies, I took the 'I' hook out of the case and laid it next to the bag.  I was called away from packing my craft supplies and when I returned, a few hours later, I grabbed the case, forgetting I had removed my hook.  I called every LYS in a 20 mile radius of where we were in Texas to see if they had ergonomic crochet hooks. (With my RA in my hands, it is all I can use)  This included Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's and Michael's too.  They all carried them but were out of the size I needed.  I was so disappointed.

Here is the best part.................hubby and I had to make a WalMart run and just for grins and giggles, I went to their TINY craft section.  Yup, you guessed it...............there was an ergonomic size 'I' crochet hook.  It was the last one they had and only cost $3.50!  I was so happy.  As soon as we got back to where we were staying I started on my "To The Point" shawl.  

Ta-Da!  I completed it on Friday, after we returned home.  The yarn used was 'Jeans' by Lion Brand.  It is super soft and cuddly.  The shawl will go to the prayer shawl group.   I have said it before...............this has got to be my favorite pattern for prayer shawls.  It hugs your shoulders and doesn't slide off.  It reaches down to just about the waist line so you are not sitting on it.

I did play a bit of yarn chicken with the shawl.  I had 3 full skeins of the yarn.  This is what was left from skein #2.

I think I will make a hat for my Grand Daughter in Seattle with the last skein.  She works outside year round and it gets a might bit cool at the airport where she works.

I did work on my socks quite a bit.  Well, I kind of had to since my crochet hook was playing hooky.  This is how much progress was made.

The sock on the right is where the pattern wants me to start the heel.  There are 11 more rows I need to complete on the left sock to catch up.  I am not going to start the heel where the pattern says.  This is why........

The leg is just at 5.5 inches.  Sorry, but I like the legs of my socks to be at least 7 inches before the heel starts.  Since I do the FLK heel, I actually make them 8 inches now before heel construction begins.  If I were to do the heel now, I would have a sock that only came about 3 to 4 inches above my tennis shoe.  Since I wear ankle boots in the winter, this will not do at all.  I have plenty of yarn to make these any length I want, so will continue in pattern for a few more repeats.

And..........that is all from the crafting front. 

My brother in law and his buddy are coming in today for a short stay.  I have grocery shopping to do, bread to make, dinner to prep and one more load of laundry to do today.  After that it is time for some more knitting.

Until Next Time....................Happy Crafting!!!!!


  1. Hurray for longer legs - you're preaching to the choir here :)
    Beautiful shawl and look how quick you managed it. Also, very serendipitous that you found exactly the hook you needed!

  2. Your socks are just looking more and more beautiful. I love the pattern! And Yay! for you for finding an I hook at Walmart so you could finish your To the Point shawl. It looks lovely.

  3. Wow, the shawl is gorgeous and worth the wait for the hook. The socks are lovely as well, I love the colour.

  4. Beautiful shawl and awesome that you donate them. Loving the socks..I usually do 7 inches too...

  5. So glad you found an "I" hook! It's so disappointing when you can't start a project you want to work on and thought you had all the materials. Unfortunately that happens to me a lot...thus, I have lots of WIP's just in case so I always have something to work on.
    You are so good at shawls and you even watch t.v. while you knit! I can't seem to make the easiest shawl without messing it up. The blue is so pretty and the design is gorgeous! Someone is going to be very thrilled to receive it! Enjoy your company and don't work too hard...it is a day of rest after all! LOL! I want to get one of those rulers too....great tool! Love the sock yarn and the socks....I'm like you...I have to have a decent leg on my socks. TTYL!

  6. Ya for finding the hook. Your shawl is gorgeous - I will definitely queue that pattern for the future.


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