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Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday Monday

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HEEHEEHEE.......I have had this song going through my head all morning.  Now I am gifting you the same torment.

It has been a busy morning at Casa De Noce.  There have been lots of phone calls being made that could not happen while traveling.  We have been finishing up some of the laundry that was done but not put away.  

Can you smell this?  I am so glad to be home so I can get back to my way of eating.  The honey spelt bread is done and cooling.  My Brother in Law is patiently waiting for it to be ready to cut.  I am so excited to try this with some of the new jam I bought on our trip.  YUM!

The doorbell rang, earlier today, sending my dogs into a frenzy.  Low and behold, the delivery was for them!

They got their new collars.  I had to order them as they wear special martingale collars.  I was not able to find them in the pet stores here in town.  These are a bit wider than their original ones, but the have the reflective stitching on them and the others did not.  

I had a list of chores to do today (love my bullet journal for that) and I have already completed them.  Sounds like it is time for me to enjoy some knitting time now.

Until next time...................happy crafting!


  1. I like how you keep your dogs safe.

  2. It took me a bit staring at the picture (of the Mamas and the Papas) to figure out what I was actually looking at. It looked like too many legs. And yes, thank you, Marsha. I now have the song going through my head. I should go google a video of them singing it so I can really cement it in there.

  3. Thank you for the torment...I guess you're getting back at me for The Unicorn song...ha! Now I got back at you lol! ;) Your bread looks so nice and delicious! It's nice to be home isn't it? :)

  4. It's getting more difficult to find anything in a store! Then I order on line :) My dad had that album and I used to play it and sing along! Good memories.

  5. I saw the Mamas and Papas in person years ago at Mr. Kelly's in Old Town in Chicago. Our table was right in front of them! It was so awesome but shortly after that Mama Cass died....choked on a piece of meat! Let that be a lesson...chew your food well!
    Love the collars! I made bread yesterday too! Hugs ~ Sam


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