Sunday, April 29, 2018


Hello readers.  It is another warm day here.  The sun is out and it will be about 98F by this afternoon.  The swimming pool is just about warm enough for me to jump in, so that is the plus side of the early warm temperatures.

This week did not see me doing tons of knitting.  I was in a 'meh' mood most of the week and nothing seemed to really speak to me in the crafting area.  I am still working on dishcloths.  I have completed 4 of them so far.

Sorry for the cruddy photo.......there is no sunlight near where these were.  The solid colors are the Boxy Dishcloth.  The striped is Knit Knot Stitch Dishcloth.  I have started another solid cloth.

I hate to say this but the pattern for this was handed down to me by my friend.  It had been handed down to her by a friend who got it from a friend......etc.  It is a super easy to remember pattern.  I love that it has texture but is not stiff.  The one thing I do on all my cloths is knit them on a US 8 (5mm) needle.  This way, when the cloth is washed and dried, the shrinkage does not cause it to become super tight and stiff then either.  Most patterns I like call for a US 7 (4.5mm)  needle and I do not like the density of the fabric with those.  

That is all for the crafting part of today's post.  

I was super busy this week with our local Grand's basketball tournament.  It was quite exciting to watch.  They made it through 3 games but then were eliminated.  She was bummed but I was super proud of her and her teammates.  They played their hearts out.

I have the laundry all caught up so I can spend my day today in the kitchen.  I want to bake cookies so bad.  We have been out of cookies for 2 weeks!  Not normal for us.  I also have loads of veggies and fruit to clean.  I am going to make mason jar salads for hubby and I for this week.  It is something I have wanted to try for quite a while.  It would sure save time during the week to just grab a jar, dump it in a bowl and sit down to lunch.  I love salads and enjoy being creative with them.  I put fruit in them as well as veggies.  Gives them that little POP for the taste buds.

Once the cookies and salads are made, I will start my menu planning for the week.  It won't be much as we are leaving next weekend for a few days to go and see hubby's mom.  While we are visiting, there just happens to be a BINGO tournament going on.  YUP!  We signed up for that back in February.  So there will be some fun at the casino going on along with the family visit.

It is time for me to get going on my day.

Until next time..................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love your dish cloths! So pretty and I like how you coordinate them. They will make lovely gift sets or not. You are so organized. I need to make jar salads this week. I use spinach usually as it seems to stay fresh longer for me. But I want to grow some lettuce so I can pick it as I need it. Bingo and your road trip sounds like a lot of fun. Congrats to your granddaughter and how fun to be able to attend the games. Enjoy your evening. I just got a casserole in the oven for supper and I will be 'kicking back' shortly too! Have a great week!

  2. lol. You had me with 98F and swimming pool! After reading that I couldn't concentrate. I would love to be there and have a swim in that pool.

  3. curious if the salads work and don't go all yucky....unfortunately for me, I'm allergic to dust, so not seasonal allergies, can happen any time...

  4. It's been warm here but not quite that warm yet. Not that I'm ready for that heat yet. We had a crazy long winter so I'm not ready for spring to be over just yet! I've made a couple of batches of jam, low sugar, it's nice to have things made with your own hands for the family! I think that's why we craft too

  5. Ugh, you've reminded me I have laundry to do :O(. However I perked up at the word, cookies!!! Please post what kind you make. I love homemade sweets; nothin' like them. I like that striped dishcloth; gonna check out the link you posted.


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