Sunday, February 21, 2021



Today's post will be a bit longer than normal.  I am not going to apologize for that either.  There has been so much happening this past week, I need to get it posted here so I can make room in my brain for other things.


I have a finish this week.

Daughter's socks are finished.  They are still waiting in my house for the new owner since we were in covid quarantine until Friday.  No one was allowed into our home.  She will receive them soon.  I will probably take them to her next week.  She is getting ready for some minor surgery and I think they would be so nice to have to wear while recovering.

Once the socks were done, I started on Tarragon the Dragon.  He is 90% completed.

All that is left is for me to knit are his front legs, sew them on and then sew on the wings.  The wings are pinned on right now as I did not want to sew them on until I had the placement of everything the way I want it.  I have enjoyed working on this item.  I will say, amigurumi is still not high on my list of things to make.  Once Tarragon is done, I will start on Fred the Frog.

I did pick up another item to craft once the weather gets too warm to work with yarn.

My intention is to make this and give it to my daughter for her to hang in her office.  This is one of her favorite sayings.  The people she works with will be able to relate too.  Shhhhh, it is a surprise for her.


I actually got the opportunity to make some buns for us to have for breakfast over the next few days.

These are Sourdough Cranberry Pecan buns.  The recipe is from the Emilie Raffa  "Artisan Sourdough Made Simple" cookbook.  They are so yummy.  There is not a strong sourdough taste to them.  The best part is, there is no sugar in them.  The recipe calls for molasses as the sweetener.  Not to mention the cranberries help with that too.  Hubby agreed, I can make these again.


I lost my fountain pen over a week ago.  It was the first fountain pen I had ever owned.  I liked writing with it.  When using it I almost felt 'artistic'.  Hubby and I looked all over for the silly thing and finally realized the dogs probably took it somewhere and chewed it up.  (They love pens and pencils)  I went on Amazon and decided to find another fountain pen.  This time I wanted one I could either use cartridges or fill from an ink bottle.

I chose this Dryden pen.  It is a medium point as was my other one, but, this one actually writes between medium and fine point.  I really like it.  There has not been any leaking from it (which my other one was wont to do).  It came in a lovely cloth case that can hold the pen and 2 cartridges.

Thursday, hubby was cleaning the living room and moving furniture and found this:

My original fountain pen.  It is a Cross pen and normally, Cross is the only pen I use.  This was a very inexpensive pen to start with.  So, I was not surprised when it would leak on my hand.  I was also not surprised when it bled through paper and sometimes had a blob of ink when writing.  The one thing I love about it is super quite when writing with it.  No matter what grade of paper I use.  The Dryden pen has a bit of a scratching sound to it while writing.

A positive for fountain do not to add any pressure to write with them.  That is a huge plus for us RA sufferers.  I can write for much longer periods of time with a fountain pen.


It has been a very stressful week.  Not only have I been concerned about my local son and his family dealing with covid, I have also been worried about my TX son dealing with covid too (the rest of his family tested negative)  Then the big winter storm hit TX and I get a text stating their electricity went out at 7AM on Monday.  Now I am a bit concerned since the temps where he lives were in the single digits.  They do not have any gas appliances in their home so there was no way for them to cook or even try and get some warmth in the house.  They did have one pipe freeze on them but they grabbed a terra cotta pot, bricks and candles and made a little heater to try and get it worked.

They finally got electricity back at midnight Thursday night/Friday morning.  They also were on a boil water order until Saturday.  What a mess that was.  I felt so bad for them.  Yet, here I am, almost 1000 miles away.  Nothing I could do to help them.  Now they are going through their fridge and freezer to find out how much food was lost during the outage.  At least their insurance will reimburse them for food loss.

Today, hubby and I are getting ready to leave and go visit hubby's mom.  She will be 94 in May!  We have not seen her since October.  My dogs know something is up.  The whole house is clean, we have a suitcase out, and they are getting special food.  Our dog sitter is so great.  She was all excited when I asked her if she would like to come and spend a little time with the 'kids'.  

OK, I think that is all for today.  I need to go and pack my suitcase and get out of here.  I grabbed one of my WIP's to take with me on the trip. (Not the dragon or frog)  Not sure how much knitting I will get done on it.  I will be spending one afternoon/evening with a knitting friend so I know there will be progress made that day.  If enough gets done on it I will post a photo of it next week.

Until Next Time..................Happy Crafting and Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. My sister and her kids all live in Texas. Fortunately 2 of the 4 families didn't lose water or power but the other 2 lost both. Not sure how they coped but I know everyone is making it through it thankfully. My nephew works at the San Antonio zoo so he had not choice but to drive to work over snow covered roads. Can't work from home if you are a zoo keeper. I saw lots of posts about those terra cotta "heaters".

    OH OH!! I love fountain pens!! Never thought about them for RA. I just love using "fun" pens. Thanks for the info on Dryden pens. Leakage has kept me from using them as much as I would like.

    That cross stitch is hilarious! Your daughter is going to adore it.

    I agree there's nothing like a nice pair of handknit socks when you have to take it easy. Hope your daughter's surgery goes well.

    That dragon really looks good!! Hmmm, some day I might have grandchildren so knitted toys are hopefully in my future.

  2. oh no, so sorry to hear about your son, you must have been so worried - very happy to hear he is getting back to normal!

    Tarragon the Dragon is so sweet! But those socks will cuddle your daughter, my best wishes for her surgery!

  3. oh no, so sorry to hear about your son, you must have been so worried - very happy to hear he is getting back to normal!

    Tarragon the Dragon is so sweet! But those socks will cuddle your daughter, my best wishes for her surgery!

  4. Hi Marsha :) Your buns look yummy! That sounds like some kind of creepy compliment doesn't it lol? ;) I love your dragon and your daughter's socks!! I hope you enjoy your trip! :)

  5. Oh my what a week. I can't imagine what it is like for those living in Texas. Clever idea with the terra cotta pot and candles to fix the pipe! Enjoy your trip. 94!!! a big milestone. I LOVED the cross stitch saying. I think I will make a sign like that and hang it in my house! I am so done with Adulting these days.

  6. Hmm commented earlier. Hope it didn't get eaten.

  7. You always have so many interesting things to blog about I don't want you to "cut it short"! LOL! I enjoy your posts. Those socks are the cutest! Your DIL will love them especially having surgery. They will cheer her up for sure.
    I'm so glad people are getting their power back on in Texas but then there's the water awful for them and your son has Covid on top of it? That's just too much! I'm sure that's not the only horror story.
    Your dragon is so darn cute! Have a wonderful time on your trip. The cross stitch is cute and when I saw it I thought of my daughter...they have the same taste! LOL!
    Stay safe on your trip and enjoy!

  8. I love fountain pens and we have several but I never think to use them. I didn’t realize that RA would make using a ball point pen hard. Guess it is the same with felt tips?

  9. I am sad to learn that your Tx son was affected by they weather and lost power. Absolutely terrible!! I love your socks and I hope you have a lovely visit with your m-i-l !!

  10. Wow, what a week. I hope you are able to relax in Las Vegas as it sounds like you have had an emotionally exhausting week. My friend in Texas was lucky to have some friends take her in and feed her for a few days. Of course I love the dragon, I mean look at the colour and cuteness! I'm sure it will be loved.

  11. I think I purchased that EXACT cross-stitch! I don't know HOW to do cross stitch, and its still in its packaging over a year after purchase. Still on my long-term to learn list though!!

    Glad your family is safe now! Enjoy your trip, I hope its very nice.

  12. Your daughter will love her new socks while she's recovering. That is really sweet to think about delivering them in time for that. And WOW! Tarragon is terrific! You really knocked that out quick. One of my sons wears t-shirt with that saying - more often than not when I see him, it seems. That's interesting about writing with fountain pens. I didn't realize that. I'm putting one on my Amazon WL now. What happened in TX is just awful. I'm glad your kids are doing okay. Have a good trip, Marsha!

  13. I saw this cool fountain pen advertised on IG once. When you write, the tip opens when you put pressure down and closes when you don't apply pressure. It seems like a great tool for those who write brush calligraphy.


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