Tuesday, February 23, 2021



Hubby and I arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon.  We took that day and just relaxed and enjoyed the amenities of our hotel.  We were a little surprised to see the favorite restaurant at our hotel was closed due to Covid.  Hubby was so sad.  There were still plenty of other places to still find sustenance.  

Monday, we had the morning to just hang out and have a slow morning.  We ate a lovely brunch and then went to go visit my mother in law at her facility.  We only get to spend 15 minutes with her and we are separated from each other via plexiglass.  It is very hard for her to hear us and hard for us to hear her.  Luckily, there is a staff member that stays with my MIL and she does a lot of translating for us.

After our visit, we went to the veteran's cemetery to visit my father in law's grave.  While there we happened upon an interment in process, complete with a bagpiper.  It was so beautiful.  We stopped and rolled down our windows just so we could hear the bagpiper.

Once we left the cemetery, we headed to our friends home on the other side of the city.  We had such a lovely afternoon/evening with them.  It was very relaxing also.  I got to discuss knitting, sourdough baking as well as finding out how all of their family was doing.  When we got back to the hotel, we went straight to our room.  No need to do anything else as the day was perfect just the way it was.

Today, we had an early visit scheduled with my MIL.  There was no time to even eat breakfast before we left.  My MIL lives about 30 minutes from where we are staying.  Traffic in Las Vegas is 24/7 rush hour.  We stopped off at the cemetery, once again, before we went for our visit.  The cemetery is about 1/4 mile away from where my MIL is staying.  That makes it nice to be able to visit both parents that way.

After our MIL visit, we filled the car with gas and came back to the hotel.  Hubby and I checked out what time we wanted to go and play bingo and then went into the casino and played for a little bit until the place we wanted to have lunch at was open.

This is where we had lunch.  The food there is so yummy.  It is so retro too.  Social distancing is done well there too.  As of this week, public places such as restaurants are now allowed to open up to 35%.  When the first of March comes, things will be opened up to 50%.

Tonight, we will go and play bingo at 7 and 9.  That will be the big excitement for our day.  Then to bed and up early so we can drive back home on Wednesday.

My knitting has not been touched yet.  I might pick it up after publishing this post.  We decided to come to our room to rest up before dinner and bingo.  Afterall......we are old folk now. LOL

Until next time.........................................................


  1. I'm glad you're having an enjoyable time. I look forward to traveling again one of these days. :)

  2. so glad you are there safely and seeing your friends and family!

  3. Sounds like you had a good trip. We ran into the cafe/bar at our hotel closed on a recent trip to SC. We weren't expecting that, as local restaurants have been open, with limited capacity, just as you experienced. I think from what the hotel told us, they're working with such a shoestring group of employees they just decided closing the food area was easier. We've not been eating out anywhere, but had intended to order and take to our room where we could eat without being in public. So much for plans. My Dad assisted living center schedules 15 minute visits also (just started recently). They have one room where you sit over 8 feet apart at opposite ends of a table, wearing masks. But, hubby and I have only just gotten our first shot and so we have continued the safer facetime visits that are also 15 minutes. My older brother has done some in person visits, as he is fully vaccinated. Safe travels on your return trip. Hope you manage to stay safe from this Covid and are able to get your shots soon, if you've not already been successful at doing so.


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