Sunday, February 14, 2021



Hey there!  Welcome.  Ready to read about my exciting week?  Let's go!


Only one item got worked on this week:

Daughter's second sock.  I have about 59 more rows before the toe.  Most of this was done yesterday while on a 6 hour zoom call with our church.  I so love self striping yarn.  Makes knitting a lot of fun.

I got a text from one of my Texas Grand Kids asking if I could make her a dragon and a frog.  I was so excited to be asked to make something for someone.  I have the patterns picked out for both projects.

This is Fred the Frog and will be started as soon as the sock is completed.  Instead of a frown on his face, I am going to give him a smile.

Meet Tarragon the Gentle Dragon.  This will be the dragon I knit for her.  My fingers are crossed that neither of these patterns are too complicated.  Toy making is not something I have done too much of.  The thought of sewing all those little pieces together is a bit foreboding.  But, for a grandchild............anything.


This week saw quite a bit of baking going on at my house.  I kind of go in spurts when I bake.  Other than making my usual loaf of sandwich bread I made these:

Mini Banana/Cranberry breads.  These mini loaf pans were a little treat I got for myself just before Christmas.  These 4 pans equal one regular sized loaf.  I liked doing them in these pans.  We kept one loaf out, one in the fridge and 2 in the freezer.  This way half of the big loaf does not get stale and yucky.

I have been in the mood to do something with Arthur the sourdough starter.  Arthur was removed from the fridge this week and started to get regular feedings again.  I have been perusing my sourdough cookbook for ideas.  This is what I decided to make.

Sourdough garlic/rosemary focaccia bread.  We had some of it last night for dinner with our spaghetti.  It was quite delicious.  Arthur is still being fed and will become something else yet this week.  Not sure what, but I am sure it will be yummy.


Hubby and I got a call Monday from our son that lives here in town.  He and our grand daughter had both tested positive for Covid.  UGH!  Since we had been with them on Saturday evening, we knew we had to quarantine for 14 days as well as get tested.  Finding a place to give a rapid covid test is not an easy task.  I spent two days trying to get appointments for hubby and I to get this done.  Well................hubby decided to look into the saliva test that is done by our local university.  TA-DA!  He found out they were doing the test just a few miles from our house and had an opening that afternoon.  Since it was 5 days since our exposure, we knew it was the prime time to go and get tested.  Let me just say, this is not as easy a test as you think.  Thirty minutes before the test you can not put anything in your mouth including water!  Since you are already a bit nervous about the possibility of having covid, and now you need to produce enough saliva to fill a little seems the salivary glands just clamped close.  Of course, my husband had no issue filling his bottle.  I took a bit longer and just barely got enough.

Here are the results:

We both are negative!  Unfortunately, our son's wife tested positive the next day.  The three of them have lost their sense of taste and smell.  They all started with a headache and body aches.  Then it went to nasal congestion with a cough.  They DO NOT have any problems breathing though. PTL!

Wednesday, our son in Texas let us know he tested positive for Covid!  Luckily, his wife tested negative and they are staying in separate areas of their home.  He has flu/cold like symptoms but no breathing issues.  He is just starting to loose his sense of taste and smell.

Out of our 4 kids, 3 of their homes have been infected.  We have one more in the Seattle, WA area and so far he is fine.  He works from home which probably has helped.

Hubby and I are still going to continue our 14 day quarantine.  We will be free this coming Friday.  That means we will be leaving next Sunday to go and visit his mother in Las Vegas.  The hotel we have reservations for was so nice. When we called to cancel our trip for today (the 14th).  They just put our reservation to next week and said it was no problem.  I am sure they were happy to know we were taking responsibility to not possibly pass on this virus.

Today is Valentine's day and since we are in quarantine, nothing much will be happening here.  I am doing laundry, there will be Mass on TV, then there is a golf tournament and the Daytona 500 to watch.  Our day is so exciting.  I don't know if I can handle all the excitement LOL.

Because of the threat of Covid, I did not do any decluttering this week.  We are still well ahead of the group's schedule though.  Maybe this week I will get to some more of it.  That way, I can take all the donations to Goodwill on Friday and they will be out of the house.

Anything fun happening in your home?  

Until next time.......................Happy Crafting and Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh my what a week! I hope your kids all make good recoveries quickly. I know several that have tested positive and so far the worse symptoms have been flu like and loss is taste and smell (touch wood). Although some still cannot taste now, weeks later. Your sock is lovely, such happy colours and I can't wait to see you start the frog and dragon!

  2. Oh my - such a worry with your family's covid positive tests. I am glad you both tested negative - and yes, I forgot about the Daytona - ooooo - something to look forward to. I hope I have the channel to get it on my cable. Take care and I am sure your decluttering will get going again next week.

  3. Wow. I hope your kids recover well. A friend's husband is still recovering from Covid he got at Christmas. She is fine but he is older, 68, and ended up in the hospital because of oxygen problems. Sadly it can take a LONG time for taste to return. I don't think my daughter's has fully recovered and she got Covid the end of Nov!!! Oh, and a bread idea - one of our favorites is rosemary and red grapes focaccia. Then there's black olive and feta focaccia.... can you tell I love focaccia!! Have fun with the frog and dragon knitting.

  4. oh dear, I am sorry to hear about your son's family, but delighted to hear you both tested negative!

    Those socks could cheer up anyone, they are lovely!

  5. Those loaves look scrummy! Fun sock yarn!

  6. Whoa! Check out the focaccia!! With the garlic (I LOVE garlic!!)!! I think I'm going to make a focaccia this week, because why not.

    The socks are adorable, I also love self-striping yarn. It makes your project look more difficult than it really is.

    I'm happy you and your husband tested negative, and I'm sorry that your kids have tested positive. That must be really stressful. Hope everyone is on the mend shortly.

  7. That focaccia looks like a work of art. Sounds like it tasted as good as it looks. :) Glad you've not gotten COVID, and that you've got things to keep you busy during the quarantine. Also glad to hear that your kids haven't had a hard go of it when they got COVID. That would be a worry, for sure.

  8. I’m so glad your tests were negative. The tests here are all the nose and back of throat stabs with the cotton bud I believe, so yours seems much less invasive. The focaccia looks amazing, and I love garlic and rosemary so it sounds delicious. The frog and the dragon look very cute so I look forward to seeing your versions. I hope you have a good week and if we don’t see you next Sunday then have a safe trip to Las Vegas.

  9. so glad you are negative and I pray your entire family recovers quickly. I love those socks and the colorway!! So cheerful!

  10. Whoa Nellie! That was a close call with the Covid! I pray your family gets through it alright. Have you had any shots yet? I love the yarn for that socks. It screams "sunshine"! So cute! Your focaccia looks and sounds delish! My excitement is a beautiful snow storm....I couldn't have asked for anything better! I love it!

  11. I'm so glad you tested negative and will be praying you stay that way. Praying also for a full recovery for the rest of your family.

    I'm not doing my typical fasting this year for Lent, what I want to do instead is use the next 40 days to develop the better habits I'm being led to adopt but have been resisting so far.


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