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Monday, July 29, 2019


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Once again it is time to answer questions that have appeared on my blog over the past couple of weeks.

Are you going to try to do the same stripes on the next one or let them be "fraternal twins"? (Maria)

This question is about my Rose City Roller socks.  They will be matching and just so you know, the yarn I am using is self striping.  I wish I was talented enough to set up stripes like the yarn does.

How long is your pool enjoyed? (Becki)

That depends on our weather.  We can usually get into it in June, even though it is still a bit chilly.  But once you swim a couple of laps, you really don't mind.  Our season usually lasts until sometime in October.  Here is the key to swimming in Arizona.  Daytime highs need to be near 100F and night time lows over 70F.  As summer goes on and our night time temps stay in the upper 80's the pool becomes unrefreshing,  Then what you hope for is, to go swimming and pray there is a nice breeze when you get out so you get a bit of a chill as the water evaporates off of you.  You also want to be sitting in the shade when you come out to help with the cooling process.  Most of you think water temps of 72 as being great.  Not so much here.  We like our pools to be around 80. (I will venture in at 78F)  Right now my pool is 92, which feels like bath water.  Remember, at 110F, an 80F pool is 30 degrees different and therefore pretty cool to our bodys.  Our night time temps start to dip back into the 70's in September and October.  By the middle of October the water is usually back down in the 70's and none of us want to be in it.  We might sit on the side with our feet in it though.  Also, we have no need to winterize our pool.  The coldest I have seen our pool get is 52F.  

You must have AC to relax with knitting in that heat! (Mary-Ann)

You betcha!  I also have a little personal fan that sits next to me and I have it blowing on my lap while working on the blanket.

This is my best knitting friend from May through October.  In the other months, I have doors and windows open letting in the nice cool breeze.

I have to show you something else I purchased recently.

Is this not adorable?  I found it at Hobby Lobby for $.99 in the clearance aisle.  I use it to keep my 'trash' in.  The idea came to me after seeing Ali from Simply Summer Street Fame have something similar next to her sewing area.  Now that I am cutting plastic canvas, I always have little pieces of plastic floating about.  I can now grab them, throw them in the jar and dispose of them when the jar gets full.  Also nice to have a place to stick my little scissors for trimming off yarn.

I heard from Hubby last night.  It looks like he will be home on Wednesday for sure.  He is really hoping to leave Tuesday but there are no guarantees on that one.  I will be glad to have him home.  Yes, I have enjoyed my alone time but.......I miss having him here to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

Until next time...................happy crafting!


  1. Interesting reading about the details of what makes for comfortable swimming where you are, Marsha. I have no idea what the temperature is of the public pool, but when I took my young sons it was also so cold - but of course, the body gets used to it. That's what I remember from childhood, too. Jump in over your head and get it over with was the philosophy. Wading in slowly was torture. lol

    I've been thinking about what to use as a trash/scrap catcher after seeing Ali's, too! :) She's started something. And that personal fan looks like a great idea. My Christmas blanket is getting too hot to work on, but that said, I'm not opposed to turning down the AC. Of course, with DH now home during the day I probably won't get away with that so easily. lol Sigh... Every day (since last Friday) I discover another "thing" that I have to adjust to.

  2. I was particularly interested in your pool answer! I'm used to jumping into the lake, but with the boaters out there, I haven't even been to the lake this summer yet. I think a pool is in my future, and 80 degrees sounds LOVELY!!!


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