Friday, July 12, 2019

We interrupt this program............

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This lady is not a follower.  Nope, I have my own drum and love beating it to my own rhythm.  For the past 4 years, my local Grand Daughter has been begging me to read Harry Potter.  I had no desire to read it or even watch the movies.  There were quite a few of my acquaintances reading, watching, knitting and crocheting everything HP.  I just didn't see the thrill in it and could not understand what all the hoopla was about.

A few weeks ago, the local Grand told me she found the HP book set in the "American" version.  It was reasonably priced too.  I bought it.  Don't get upset about me going for the 'American" version.  Reading UK books is not really an issue for me.  I have done it numerous times.  My line of thinking was..................if I am going to read 7 books in a series, I want to get through them quickly and be done with it.  (I know, poor attitude)

Well, wouldn't you know it.................I completed book 1 in just a couple of days (I only read at bedtime).  Book 2 has been started and I am completely hooked!  Hubby is now reading book 1 and seems to be enjoying it too.  I get it now!  Yup, a little bit of a 'late to the party' person but at least I made it.

Now, I am perusing google to find HP patterns for different things to make.  Not for me, but for the local Grand who is still loving all things HP.  Maybe a scarf or some mitts or a wall hanging................the possibilities are endless.

Until Next Time.............................happy crafting Muggles!


Stefanie said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! Welcome to the fold darlin! When you're ready, you're ready. You know? I haven't read the English versions. My teenager picked up the unofficial HP cookbook from Target recently. Can't wait to try a few of those recipes. It's a thick book!

Retired Knitter said...

I LOVED the books. Too me it is amazing how this story line cuts across all ages. But I will admit I have not been swept up in all the extra HP stuff. Glad you are enjoying them. You have so much adventure ahead of you.

Kim said...

Welcome to Harry Potter world! My four kids and husband devoured those books but I resisted as I just knew they weren't my cup of tea--but boy was I wrong too! When I decided to read them, it was because the #7 books's movie was coming out that November and I knew my whole family would want to go see it and I wanted to be included and have a clue what was going on.

Well, I read book 1 in May that year and I thought, "well that was cute" but still did not get fully hooked in.

Then in July? I read book 2 and I was hooked. I read books 2-7 in four months, back to back to back and could not put them down!! When I was done, I kept telling my husband that I missed my friends, Hermione,Harry and Ron! :)

Have fun on your new wild adventure.