Sunday, July 28, 2019


Hello again.  How are you all doing today?  Hopefully you are able to keep cool during these summer days.  This weekend has been very warm here in Arizona.  We have been over 110 for the past 3 days.  We will be getting a little break next week and hopefully some rain too.  This has been one of the driest monsoon seasons I can remember.  So far, we have had 1/2 inch of rain in our neighborhood and yet, my BFF who lives 4 miles away has received nothing.  Crazy weather, right?

Since it has been so warm outside, I have not even wanted to jump in the pool.  The pool is not even cool anymore, so not really refreshing.  Since that is the case, knitting has been my main thing to keep me busy.

I am happy to report, the baby blanket saw the most work on it.

The red spot is where I was last week and the blue spot is where I am as of this morning.  I have about 2 more inches of white yarn left and then one more skein of blue and it will be finished.  My goal is to have that done before next weekend.  And by complete, that also means weaving in all the ends.  That would mean 545 yards of stash is out the door!

The only other item worked on this week is:

Hubby's second Rose City Roller sock.  I am on the 'boring' foot part and work on this when I am out and about.  It might be done next week, or not.  We shall see.

That is all I worked on this past week.  I did manage to pick up some more plastic canvas from Hobby Lobby.  Now I am not as concerned about making counting errors as I cut out the shapes.  Finding 10 count plastic canvas is not easy.  HL is the only place in town that had it.  I bought their last 2 pieces.  Hopefully they will get more in soon, just in case.

My cardi is laying right next to me, begging for a little attention.  Poor thing.  Once the other two projects are off the needles, it will be picked up again.  

No any change in the list this week.


Finish Boxy Sweater started in 2015

Finish Eva Shawl started in 2011

Finish Forrest Path Shawl started in 2018

Summer Top for me
  Spotting Clouds ( this time with fingering yarn )

Cardigan for me
  It Really Fits  Cardigan 7/1

Short Socks
  Rose City Roller 7/4
Regular Socks

Project bags/totes

Market bags

Produce Bags

Tissue Box Covers

Plastic Canvas Nativity bought in 2009  7/17


Shawls for both Prayer Shawl and Personal

  Polly Plum Squares
  Baby Blanket  7/12

  DW Pattern (no longer available online!)

Doilies/Table Runners

Baby Items
Wee Sherlock  7/2>7/9
Little Boy Blue  7/10>7/10
Easy-Peasy No Sew, Stay On Baby Booties  7/11>7/12

Purchase of yarn is prohibited!!!!!  I have over 21,000 miles of yarn to play with this year.  (38,481,140 yards)

Any other project that falls into my lap.

Not purchasing any yarn has been especially hard this past week.  There have been some really great sales at a couple of my favorite online yarn shops.  I have finally learned not to even open their emails anymore.

On to other items.

Hubby left on Thursday for Vegas.  He is helping get his mom's house ready for her return home.  He is hoping to come home Tuesday.  I will be glad to have him back.  Even though I have binged watched the Hallmark Channel since he left LOL.  I have caught up on all the Christmas shows they have shown over the last 10 years.  Today is a 'Good Witch' marathon on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.  I will be glued to the set for that.  It was one of my favorite shows.  I am pretty sure I missed at least one of the sequels.&   Maybe that blanket will get done today!

I have been kitty sitting too.  Our son and his wife took off for Vegas on Friday.  I have been feeding their cat and fish.  It isn't a big deal.  The grand kitty is 17 years old and pretty mellow.  He does need a little cuddling while I am there though.

There was some organizing done in our 'back room'.  The one, hubby has been pulling glued down carpet out of.  More organizing needs to be done but will need a strong man to help me with it.  I did manage to get quite a few things ready to go to Big Brother Big Sisters.  They are picking up tomorrow.  WOOHOO!  I love getting unused items out of my house.

Hubby had a Dr's appointment just before he left.  We are going to be changing some of our eating habits.  He will need to be counting his net carbs.  I finally found an app that will do that without having to go up to the paid 'premium'.  I tried 'My Fitness Pal' but needed to pay to count carbs.  The one I found that works the best is "Carb Manager".  I have been playing with it since hubby has left and it is really pretty easy to use.  Hubby will be rechecked in 6 months.  Hopefully, his blood work will be MUCH better then.  As well as the new app, I have been going through recipes and getting ones that will fit into his new lifestyle.  This will not be a short term thing but probably life long.  I will be going back to making bread all the time too.  That way I now what is going into the bread and can put it through the recipe builder to make it easy to count on the app.

Good thing I am retired, as this is all going to take some time to do.  It will all be worth it though.  We had done this once before and it all worked and then life happened and we fell off the wagon BIG time.  Now we know what happens to hubby when this happens.  Not good.

Ok, I think I have talked about everything.  I hope you all have a marvelous week.

Until Next Time..........Happy Crafting!!!!!!


HighlandHeffalump said...

Well done on resisting the yarn. Binge watching TV seems ideal when you are home alone and it’s too hot to venture out. Remember you can click on the unsubscribes buttons to avoid the temptation of the emails.

Alleigh said...

We've been having record setting temps too, but we did get a small break over the last couple of days for which we are very thankful. But it might just make it worse when the temps begin to climb again next week.
Congrats on your not buying, I understand how hard it is, so much beautiful happy yarn out there that needs a good I'm tracking my in and output but I'd be afraid to know how much is really hanging around in my craftroom right now!

Lucy Bowen said...

Your blanket and socks look lovely. Good luck with the healthy eating, I'm trying to myself!

Lucy Bowen said...

Oh I forgot to add - I do the Jenny's surprisingly stretchy bind off for my socks - I don't mind if it flares a little, you can't see it when they are on!

Breathing Life said...

You must have AC to relax with knitting in that heat! Oh my I can't imagine not wanting to jump in a pool. I love that sock pattern. Hmmmm. I will have to queue it I think! Lucky hubby.

Ruth said...

Well done on avoiding the sales and the blanket looks great, I can't believe how much you've gotten done this past week and staying indoors binge watching tv sounds like a great way to get the blanket done and stay out of the heat.
Best of luck with the new eating plan and knowing you've already done it will help you both get back on track quicker with it.

Becki said...

Oh my goodness! I was so relived to read that the pink/red circle on the blanket was added to show us your progress. I thought you had spilled something on it and ruined it! LOL! I have to say... until reading your posts about this each summer, I have a hard time imagining it being so hot that swimming isn't refreshing. But yeah... I guess I can see how that could happen. Here's a question for one of your question-answering posts: How long is your pool enjoyed? I imagine you have a nice long swimming season compared to what anyone up here in Indiana has.

Ella said...

That sock looks lovely. Did you get the blanket done? I've been binge watching "Full House" on Netflix but didn't even get the second sock done. LOL. Good luck with the healthy eating project. Yes, it's going to take quite a while until it becomes a new habit but it's so worth it.

Stefanie said...

Great progress on your WIP's. Hope everything goes smoothly for your husband with setting up things for your MIL. Have fun cat sitting and fish sitting. Kudos to you on the healthy eating.