Monday, July 22, 2019

House Guests

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Before I go into details of this post I need to tell you about where I live.  Our home is in a lovely well established neighborhood.  The houses here were all built in the early 1970's.   The city we live in has almost 500,000 people in it and is 133 square miles.  If you ask anyone living in this city, they would tell you all their grocery stores, restaurants, religious institutions, schools and shopping can be done within 5 miles of their residence.  So, it does have a small town feel.  That being said, you can see that I live in a city.  I do not live out in the wilderness or in a forest or on a farm or out in the boonies. 

 So why, I ask you, have I been finding these in my home this week?

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This is a Mediterranean Gecko.  This is about the size of the 2 we have rescued and released this past week.  As I was stepping into the shower, this morning, I found the second one clinging to the shower curtain.  Poor little guy was terrified.  They do not scare me.  I have no problem getting them into a little container and then taking them outside.  If I didn't think my dogs would kill them, I would leave them in the house.  They are wonderful bug eaters.

Speaking of bugs......................We have been pestered with these for over a week.

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Crickets! YUCK!  I have been killing one of these little darlings daily for the past 10 days.  After the sun goes down, I can hear them singing in the house.  I hear they are good luck in Japan and China.  It is even said it is bad luck to kill one, even accidentally.  Whoops..........I am killing them as soon as I see them.  They love to eat cotton fabric.  Since it is summer and cotton is a mainstay of our wardrobe, they need to either stay outside or suffer the consequences.

Now you know why I would love to keep the geckos in the house.  They could get really fat just off the crickets.  

OK, I now return you to your normal life.

Until next time...........happy crafting!


  1. Years ago, when we lived in a neighborhood a few miles outside of town we would find geckos out in the landscaping near the house and we thought they were fun to watch. But inside my shower?!? Eeek! You're braver than me! In recent years we've tended to get camel cricket inside our current house and they are ugly as all get out. I saw one two nights ago and I ran to get a large container I could capture it in (they're really hard to capture, but there's no way I'm going to try to squish these big round insects), and by the time I'd gotten back to it it had disappeared. Ugh. So somewhere, there lurks a big 'ol camel cricket - hopefully not a she looking for a place to lay eggs. :(

  2. My gosh Marsha, you know what's funny? Alex and I have been watching reruns of Frasier and last night there was an episode where they had a cricket in the house and got a gecko to take care of it lol...coinky-dinky! I don't think I could handle a cricket in the house, it would drive me batty. I'm all for the geckos though! :)

  3. Oh boy, that cricket would scare me!

  4. Too funny! Crickets bring it out in you--but you should see me when I see a moth!!


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