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Thursday, July 25, 2019


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Hubby has left to go and get business taken care of in Las Vegas.  He plans on being gone for a week.  That means he has left me in charge of all sorts of stuff for the next week.  UH OH!  I have already gone and cleaned out some areas of the back room that he is working on for remodeling.  I figured by the time he is back home, I will have that room all organized and he will never miss anything that 'goes away' from there.  (evil laugh)

On top of that, I have lots of knitting I need to work on.  That baby blanket needs to go faster so I can get the package out of my house.  But alas, it is only gets worked on for about an hour a day before I start to melt.  

I will also be babysitting my grand kitty this weekend.  He is VERY old and they have switched him from dry food to wet food and he is doing so much better on it.  His fur is unmatted now and he actually has been cleaning himself.  He is also starting to put some weight on.  I have a feeling this is going to be one of those cats that lives into his 20's.  He is already 17!

There is a to do list on my bullet journal for things I want to do in the next week that are hard for me to do when hubby is around.  I am so excited to surprise him when he comes home next week.  Hopefully, it will be a good surprise for him LOL.

And one last thing.....................I found out the TV does have other programming than sports and cop shows! Chic flicks are on the menu for the next week. I will miss him this week.  He is the one person that knows how to keep my spirits up.  

OK., I hear the baby blanket calling my name.

Until next time.................happy crafting!  


  1. My mama likes it when my dad's off to a bowling tournament. She can watch her shows uninterrupted, LOL!

  2. hahaha! Cute. Let's hope he isn't a reader of your blog. Then the "jig" is up. Have fun.

  3. LOL you're so funny Marsha :) Enjoy your girlie TV time! :)

  4. I hope you're still enjoying your "Me" time! :)


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