Wednesday, July 10, 2019


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Just when I think I have all my ducks in a row, one of the little boogers decides to take a detour.  This happened this past weekend while we were on a little get away to Las Vegas.  After visiting my MIL and seeing what has been done so she can return to her home, we discovered not much had happened to make this possible.

Hubby was quite disappointed when he realized he is going to have to go back there to supervise the completion of the renovations needed to the house before she can return home.  This all should have been completed months ago.  Promises have been made everytime he goes up there.  "Yes, we will get right on it and get it completed".  It doesn't happen.  

So what does this mean?  It means hubby will be heading back up there yet this month for an extended stay to make sure things get done ASAP so she can return home.  After the renovations are completed the house still needs to be inspected by the state and a discharge from her doctor needs to be completed.  This all takes time and $$$$.

After taking all of this into consideration, we have decided our trip to Europe is going to be put on hold for this year.  It is not a huge disappointment.  Really, it isn't.  Making sure his mother is comfortable and back where she longs to be is much more important to us.  She is the last of our parents and we will do anything to make, what remains of her life, happy.  Remember she is 92 and a stroke patient.

We still have plans for a few short adventures but nothing that will take us away for 11 days and 5600 miles away.  We also have our own renovations on our house to complete as well.  

It is amazing at how both of us relaxed after making that decision.  We had both been thinking it for a few days but were a bit unsure of how the other one would feel about it.  You would think, after 44 years, we would know each other better than that.  LOL

Have any of you had to make big game plan changes before?  Rain, I know you did when looking for a new abode.  Anyone else?

OK, I need to get back to my knitting.  I have been having so much fun working on some new items these past couple of weeks.  To see what is being worked on, drop by on Sunday for my YOP update.

Until next time......................happy crafting!


  1. I like your attitude, Marsha. And I can totally imagine that it feels a bit of a relief to have made the decision to stay here for the sake of getting your MIL settled back into her home. I hope, for all your sakes, it's sooner rather than later. I'm guessing she's anxious to get back home.

  2. Glad everything is working out in the end despite the bump in the road.

  3. I always find that relief from a big decision means I've made the right decision and I'm smiling at how you both were thinking it...I think it's where you both didn't want to disappoint the other and that shows 44 years worth of caring about the other least to my mind it does. I hope the renovations get done as quickly as possible so your MIL can move back into her home where she so dearly wishes to be.

  4. Excellent decision. Obviously when you take this trip to Europe - you want nothing weighing on you - just the enjoyment of the trip. And the knowledge that she is settled at home.

  5. Hi Marsha :) I think you guys made a good decision, and feeling good about it just proves it. Life is never a straight path is it? We have to adapt to new plans all the time. Yes, we had to renew the lease, boo. But we are FIXED on next year being the "one"!! :)

  6. Great attitude, and I chuckled at how you were both wondering how the other would feel. After 42 years we still go through this and yet we are almost always on the same page in the end. I am sure you will find some adventure and fun this summer and of course there will be crafting!

  7. 30 years, and we still hit on topics we are shying away from because we don't want to hurt each other's feelings, and are not sure we are seeing eye to eye. It happens. I'm glad you got it all sorted, and I hope your MIL can go back to her own home soon, and everything works out for all of you. I'll leave a hug for you in case you need it.

  8. It sounds like everything is working out for you guys--best wishes for your MIL too. We had a similar situation just last year. My husband was going to take me to Rhinebeck last Fall and we had even booked our little cabin in Woodstock--then were going to do New York city and then get down to DC. I have never been further east than Minnesota.

    But then, health issues regarding my MIL started to get much worse and it necessitated moving her from her home in Minnesota to an adult family home in New Mexico, very close to my siter-in-law. We decided it was more important to forgo our Rhinebeck trip and travel to see her as the adjustment was not going well--and with 5 siblings involved with all this decision making it was a bit full of drama at times.

    She has settled down, health has stabilized, and she turned 90 in January. We decided we needed make seeing her each year a priority while she is still with us----Sooooo, Rhinebeck and East Coast is on hold, and again this Fall we will be headed back to New Mexico!



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