Wednesday, July 3, 2019



Just needed to advise all of you of a few changes on my blog for the present time.  There have been people (yes actual people) commenting on my blog who should not be commenting.  The comments are inappropriate and sometimes even rude.   Luckily, I have been able to delete the comments before they have been seen by others.  Because of this, I have turned on the "moderate all comments before publishing" feature of blogger.  It saves adds a little more work to my end of the blog experience, but keeps my blog buddies from seeing inappropriate comments.

Also, there has been some problems with commenting on blogger from Apple products.  Most of us using blogger are using it from a google site.  If you try and comment from Safari, it may not allow that.  I know on my blog I do not require you to have a google account to comment but I do believe some others do require it.  It is an option in our features.

And lastly.........I try hard not to be too 'political' on my blog.  I know I have posted about the new policy on Ravelry.   Please understand this.........The only reason I said something is the fact I, as a conservative person, was being called names that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  My family is multi-racial.  Trust me, if you saw a photo of all of us, you would think we were from 4 different families.  We are all from ONE family!  My circle of friends and family include all races, creeds, and sexual orientation.  I may not agree with them on many subjects but they are still friends and family and I love them no matter our differences.  So lumping me into a certain group because of my conservative ways has made this lady pretty darn angry.  

That is all for housekeeping.  I am off to do 'real' housekeeping today.  There is laundry to do, dishes to wash, beds to be made and a score of other little tasks to complete.

Until next time....................happy crafting!!!!!


  1. Hey Marsha. Somehow I missed that you posted something about the Ravelry policy. I'll have to look it up. I haven't yet felt the need to comment on my blog about the policy, but I, too, have begun to shrink my footprint a bit (oddly, not on the forums, but in more personal ways). I keep telling myself how much more productive (in every way) I will be if I just leave. Making that final decision is hard, though, considering the time I've invested up to this point - just personally on project pages and stash recording. It doesn't feel like a moral dilemma to me, but an inconvenient compromise of sorts. I'm so glad to have blogging buddies - and you among them!

  2. hugs to you, I'm sorry that you received some unpleasant comments. I get spam comments frequently and find them annoying.

  3. Such a shame you've had to adjust your settings due to the unpleasant comments of others, bots no doubt Marsha but that still doesn't detract from the unpleasantness of it.
    I missed your post too about Ravelry and will go read it for myself in a moment but I found the policy to be a contradiction of making a place accepting of all. I found the whole lumping of anyone conservative into the one bundle and effectively saying you weren't welcome there which is how conservatively minded people felt to be doing the very thing they were trying not to do...that's just doing what was done to others but to a new group of people. Now I accept that Ravelry as a privately owned company are entitled to make their own business decisions in what they do and don't allow and that's freedom of choice but my freedom of choice is also to not support that type of business. My new account is only used for posting yop updates and if I could find a way around that I would but my other account that was linked to my designer profile, that I am in the process of taking any patterns I own off the site and then I will be deleting that acc. I have stopped in quite a good while in making project pages and I'm pretty sure I can find patterns that are not on Ravelry, there was life before Ravelry and there will be life after it.

  4. I had to do the same Marsha. But what I did was put the moderate comments after 1 day setting. Seems to keep the "Mumbai Escorts" away lol...I'm sorry you've had rude comments, just remember it's all spam and it's NOT personal (hopefully!!)

    I NEVER talk politics on my blog, or in person. Religion and politics are subjects that can get too emotional when people discuss things so I just prefer to stay away from them. Your post about Ravelry wasn't at all controversial! You have the right to your feelings and if you're hurt/insulted by Ravelry, then they did something wrong. Lumping you in and judging you is just not fair. Take it from an English gal living in Quebec.

    And speaking of real ain't happenin here! I refuse to do housework from June through to November lol...well, I do what's necessary but we definitely have summer dust bunnies in this house!!! :)

  5. Sorry you had to deal with trollers. I have blocked ppl but they're from inappropriate sites; I disklike how Blogger doesn't filter stuff like one can on IG and FB; doesn't the technology exist already?
    I admire those who are vocal about things. I just read, find it all interesting, and leave it at that. I have BFF's/friends who have different opinions on stuff and that's all good; I still love them and know they are there for me no matter what.

  6. As my mother used to say when things got tense around the dinner table - let's talk about roses! I avoid confronting subjects like crazy, but I appreciate those who are brave to speak out about their truth. There is room for all opinions as long as we are kind and respectful. I am sorry you had to deal with unkind remarks on your blog and those who put all conservatives (or all anything) under the same umbrella is ignorant.


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