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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Getting Ready

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We have been busy since Sunday.  We had a marvelous time at our son's house with all the family that was in town.  The smoked brisket was wonderful as was the swimming and conversation.  

Monday I requested a quiet day to get my head wrapped around what the coming weeks had in store for us.  We had brats and I made my mom's potato salad to go with them.  While waiting for it to be time to cook the brats, we watched a couple of movies, I knitted and then we decided to try out our pool.

It was a little cool but by the time I swam a lap or two, it felt just fine.  I had to snap a photo of hubby in the pool.  He is not a water person by any means and this was day 2 that he had been in a pool.

I worked on my socks but was so bored with them and really didn't want to work on the WOOL scarf so I went into my craftroom closet and dug through my WIP pile to find something I wanted to work on.

TA-DA!  My boxy sweater that I started in November of 2015.  It has been languishing for a couple of years.  I almost have the first half of it done.  Hopefully by the end of this week I will have part completed.

Tuesday, I started on getting the laundry all done.  I managed to do 4 loads and even got it all folded and put away.  That is quite a feat for me.  Hubby got a phone call from Nevada informing him there was going to be a BIG meeting next week, about his mom and her care.  He needs to be there for the meeting.

Today I had a nail appointment and while I was gone, hubby got half of the house cleaned for me.  I came home and did 2 loads of towels.  Those pool towels take up a lot of room in the washer!

The reason for the title of this post is.....................our Grand Daughter from Texas arrives on Saturday this week.  She will be with us for a week and then we will send her home again.  She has never been to our home alone before so we are looking forward to getting some time with her.

I have a feeling there will be quite a bit of swimming happening as well as a little sight seeing.  Unfortunately, hubby has to leave on Sunday for Nevada and won't return until Wednesday afternoon.  We have a wedding on Thursday which really, only gives him Friday to spend with her.  She is spending the day Saturday with my son's family so we won't see her after Saturday afternoon.

I probably will not be posting next week, other than for a YOP update.  I haven't missed a week yet, this year, and with only 4 weeks left, I would hate to miss now.  Be prepared for some photos and several posts after she leaves.  

Until next time....................happy crafting!


  1. The pool loos very nice. With the warm temps folks have been having, bet you'll get lots of enjoyment from it. LOVE the sweater colors! My problem when I pull things out of storage is, I've often moved the pattern if I was using one...and if not didn't leave a note about what my plan or thought was at the time. Bad habit. I really need to put notes in project bags in case I come upon them years later. AND sometimes I've stolen the needles from the project without writing down what size I was using. Enjoy your visit. Hope things go well with your husband.

  2. Me and girls are comin' over to swim in your pool!


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