Sunday, May 6, 2018

Week 45 update

Hello dear readers.  Hope you are enjoying your day.  This post is coming to you from Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  Hubby and I are here to visit his mom ad also to participate in a bingo tournament.  What can I retired folk are super exciting lol.

I finished the dishcloths this past week and got them mailed out. 
 I think 8 will hold her for a while.  I have enough yarn left to make 2-3 more but will hold off for now.

Once the cloths were off the needles, I picked up my socks and started back on them.

The one on the left is ready for the heel.  The one on the right has 3 more pattern repeats to go to catch up.  Do you notice anything different about them?  I put them on DPN's.  The 9 inch needles are nice but................when doing patterns with them, it was very fussy and my hands were starting to hurt too much to carry on.  A plain vanilla sock will be wonderful on them but not something with K2TG or SSK.

Today, we are going to spend time with our great nieces and nephews.  There is rumor of a birthday party for one of them.  How fun.  Then later today, we will be heading over to our dear friends house for some down time which will include knitting and laughing.  Tomorrow starts our bingo tournament and it lasts all day Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday we head back home after stopping off to visit hubby's mom again.

Until Next Time.................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Good for you on the dish cloths! She'll be thrilled! Is the left sock looking at the back? Because I don't see the pattern like the one on the right. I love that pattern and thanks for the tip on the 9 inch needles. I've heard they can be rough on your hands. Have fun at the Bingo sounds like fun to me! But then I'm retired too! LOL! Enjoy your visits with friends and family. It's starting to heat up here....83 today but not humid.....yet! LOL! I'd still take a 'dry' heat as opposed to the humidity down here. Take care!

  2. I think she'll be thrilled to receive that package. I think that handmade gifts are the best. You're way more fun than me so I can't wait to hear how the Bingo tournament goes. Sounds like you'll have a great time with family and friends too!

  3. I'm thinking what Allison wrote. You're a lot more fun and exciting than I am. I'm sitting here waiting and hoping for a storm to pass so I can go for a walk. I a short while I've become hooked on hoofing it!

    Your socks are looking great. And your dishcloths will be greatly appreciated. I love how that pattern looks.

    Have a great week, Marsha.

  4. I am a die hard dpn lover :) I hope you have fun on vacation and visiting family. I also hope you win!! Lovely socks.

  5. What a great trip you're on, all loaded up with visits and fun. Good luck at bingo. I heard it can be super serious at bingo games. The array of dishcloths is nice and the socks are lookin' great.

  6. Say hello to Vegas for me. Good luck with your bingo tournament. For a 'retired' person you are certainly busy. I love following your escapades.

  7. Hi Marsha, the 2nd round of 4 additional cloths are awesome. Everyone loves cotton cloths. Such a pretty color in the socks you're working on. Socks remain on my list of things to do .....sometime.
    Sandy's Space

  8. A bingo tournament sounds brilliant! Your cloths are lovely and those socks are delightful.


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