Sunday, May 13, 2018


Hello everyone.  I hope your day is a pleasant one.  Our temps here are below 100 again for a few days.  It has been a bit warm, to say the least, and I have not had the energy to do hardly anything since arriving home Wednesday afternoon.

More about our trip a bit later.  Let's talk about craftiness!

My Tadpole Socks are coming along nicely.  Both heels are turned and now comes the time to work on getting the foot finished.  For some reason, the foot always seems to take longer than the leg.  I will be happy for these to be completed.  I love knitting socks but, since I am not a fast knitter, they seem to take me forever to do.  Hence the reason I do them concurrently.

That is all for my knitting this week.  DIL in TX got her dishcloths.  I don't think she will need more anytime soon.

We had a lovely time on our trip to Las Vegas.  Last Sunday we spent with family and friends.  We got to see a niece that we had not seen in about 8 years.  What a darling young lady she is becoming.  On Monday and Tuesday we had the Bingo tournament.  We did not win anything but, met some of the nicest people.  Wednesday, we started our journey back home after stopping in to see my mother in law.  It is always so nice to get back home.  I am loving our ability to travel more, now that we are retired.  We have a few more trips planned this year too.

Today is Mother's Day here in the US.  Our big plan for the day is to go to my cousin's place and clean out his fridge and freezer.  He heads back home on Tuesday and won't be back until October.  There might be a BBQ of burgers later on this afternoon or evening but that is all for us today.  This is my first Mother's Day, without my mom so I wanted it to be a bit low keyed.

Tomorrow, hubby and I are going to a baseball game.  We have not been yet this year and were given free box seat tickets.  Hopefully our Diamond Backs will give us a great game.  They have done quite well so far this year.

Not much else going on.  It has been too hot to do much outside.  We can't even go swimming as the pool is still not warm enough yet!  So I will be a house plant until further notice.

Until next time....................Happy Crafting!!!!!


  1. Your socks are perfect - I too find the feet seem to take forever. Sounds like you are having a lovely week

  2. I am so wanting to cast on some socks but I hate ripping out my Christmas Eve ones yet can't justify buying more needles or can I? LOL! Those socks are so pretty and you are doing such a beautiful job on them. I wondered if you won anything but glad you had a good time. It is hot here too...91 today but not too humid...yet! Have fun at the game! What's next in your knitting repertoire?

  3. I love the colour of your socks. I am glad your trip was good, and I hope it cools off soon. I can't imagine day in , day out of 100 degrees!

  4. Oh boy... Your tadpole socks look beautiful. Glad to read that your trip went well. And that you have fun ahead. I'm curious if you found some rib eye steaks in the freezer. Or frozen shrimp. :) That would have been quite a treat. ;^)

  5. These socks look terrific. How busy you are with fun trips and plans.

  6. Socks are looking good. Hope the day wasn't too hard for you. I remember my first Mother's Day without my Mom...What's next on your list of trips? I like to always have the next one planned as one trip is ending so there's something to look forward to.

    Sandy's Space


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