Tuesday, May 30, 2017

From Texas

Hey everyone.  I am in Texas with grandchildren and adult children.  I arrived last week Wednesday.  It has been nonstop ever since.  Adult child flew to Florida to spend the holiday weekend with his wife. I have 3 grands with me and they are fun, active and 2 are still in school until Thursday this week.

Lots of food has been prepared around here.  I can't seem to fill these children up.  They don't eat junk food either.  So lots of fruits and veggies are kept cleaned and ready for consumption.

Adult son came home last night.  His wife comes home on Saturday.  Her duty station just got changed so she can stay home now.  She has been away for 2 years.  One year in Afghanistan and 1 year on New Orleans.   It will be so nice to have that family back together again!

Hubby flies in tomorrow so he can spend a week with the family too.  The kids are looking forward to his arrival.  So is his wife lol.

As far as crafting goes.......all I have worked on is the test knit sock.  One is completed and the second one's leg is almost completed.  Hopefully I can finish it thus week. I am enjoying the pattern.  It is hard to get a lot of time to knit with kids and dogs to deal with.

Right now, I am elevating my foot.  I went to the store today and when I got home......I opened the tailgate of the Tahoe and.......a 12 pack of bottled beer landed squarely on my toes.  It happens to be the toes with the severe arthritic deformities in them.  I was very good and didn't say any naughty words in front of my grandson.  Only blew up 1 bottle of beer too lol.  I am hoping nothing is severely damaged.  I put a closed toe shoe on immediately and iced it.  Let me tell you.......it hurts........it's throbbing......but no discoloration......yet lol.

Not much else happening here.  Oh.........the Texas grand daughter is heading to girl scout camp Friday and returns Monday.  Going to go to the movies this weekend with the rest of the family.  I planned the menus for up through Saturday.  No snack food in the house so being good on my weight goals.

Until next time.........happy crafting!!!!

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  1. Oh, Marsha...your toes! I can feel your pain! Let me tell you...I have a Tahoe and I have learned to s l o w l y open that tail gate because of that very same thing! I hope you elevate it and it stops throbbing and you can enjoy the rest of your time there. MY RA has been achy this week...I think it is because of the AC....I have to have the AC on as it is getting hot and humid but it is not good for the joints. So glad hubby got there just in time to help you out. At least all the beer didn't break! You'll need it more than ever now! LOL!
    So happy that your son and his family can be together again and I bet everyone is thrilled! I would call you but I pay for long distance here as I don't have a cell phone. My kids call me because they have free LD after 7:00 p.m. You're too bust to talk anyway! LOL! I am having movie night at home tonight...popcorn, 7-up and knitting....Penelope is my movie pick for tonight...heard about if from Maker's Haven, Amber...love her podcast. Enjoy your family time and I will pray your toes heal and don't cause you any harm. Hugs! Sam


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