Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Midweek Normalcy

Another day is almost over.  It has been a lovely day, full of activities and accomplishments.

The day started early with my brother leaving so he could make it to his motorcycle rally in New Mexico.  After he left, I got busy working on my test knit.  The deadline is June 5th.  I volunteered to knit the size large and it is taking quite a bit more time than normal.  It is being knit on a smaller needle than I normally use and there are more stitches than I normally cast on too.

Today was also the last crochet class at our church's school.  We got to have a little party for the kids.  It was so much fun.  That was a huge time commitment also, especially for the leader.  I don't know if they will do it again next year or not.  We will know more towards the end of the year.

Yesterday, my lovely grand daughter brought a decorative pillow home from school.  She volunteered me to repair it for her school librarian.  I hand stitched it up last night and returned it to the librarian today.  She was thrilled.  Found out, she doesn't even know how to thread a needle!

After the class party, I walked over to our cancer shrine and added my friends name to the prayer wall.  I asked her if she would be ok with it and she was very happy to have people praying for her.

Home I went, then, to relax for an hour.  After that brief repose, I was back at the school to pick up the grand and bring her home to do her homework.  She was able to finish her homework fairly quickly.  Off we went to Bookmans, to find some books for her to read while on her summer vacation.  Three books were purchased and a nice smile was plastered on her face.  I returned her to her mother and headed home once again.

With my brother gone, I did not lay anything out for dinner tonight. I ended up eating a veggie burger.  They are quite tasty and satisfying. I used a sandwich round for the bun and just added a bit of mustard for umph.  I am thinking a crockpot meal may be in order for tomorrow night.

So.......things are pretty much back to normal.  That is, until next week, when I fly out to Texas for two weeks.  

Until next time...............happy crafting! 

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  1. You are one of the kindest most generous people I know. Your family, church and grandchildren are lucky to have you in their lives!


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