Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lots to do

I have a busy schedule today.   Good thing my dinner is in the crockpot already or we wouldn't be eating tonight lol.  

After our shopping trip on Sunday I was exhausted and didn't clean up my fruits and veggies like I normally do.  So, that is getting done this morning.  I need to put pillow cases on the guest pillows and then that room is ready for my brother's arrival later today.  The dishwasher needs emptying as does the dish rack with the hand washed pots and pans.  I have crochet class today, just after lunch.  This is the next to last class and we are moving quickly in there now. 

Yesterday, my main goal in life was to clean my shower curtain rod.  My shower curtain hooks were supposed to be "rust resistant".  Not.......I have a stainless steel shower curtain rod and the hooks had rusted all over it.  I finally got it clean after using; dry paper towel to remove loose rust, magic eraser, non scratch scotch brite sponge and best of all, baking soda paste.  I now have a lovely new shower curtain and plastic rings hanging up.

I finally finished my prayer shawl yesterday, make that LATE evening.  I was up again until midnight, but it is done and all the labels from our prayers shawl ministry are sewn on it.  I will turn it in tomorrow.  I already have a new pattern printed and the yarn ready to go.  I will start that this afternoon after I return from class.

I am also in another test knit.  I love doing them and I almost exclusively do them for Knitterarium. (AKA, Ruth)  This is another sock test knit and I am learning a new stitch with it. How exciting that is for me.  

So between those 2 items, I will be plenty busy for the next few weeks.  I am hoping to get the shawl done in 2 weeks.  I am leaving for Texas on the 24th and want it completed by then.  The sock will travel with me as it isn't due until June 5th.  I should have plenty of time to work on it while being with my grandchildren.  I have other WIPs that will travel with me, just in case, too.  My Spring Tulip Socks will go with me and maybe another shawl will sneak into my suitcase.

Until next time. . . . . . . . Happy Crafting! ! ! ! ! 

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  1. You are so inspiring to me and I really appreciate it! I love hearing about all your projects including your cleaning and organizing. You are a fast knitter! I need to improve my speed. I knit English? I throw my yarn with my right hand but I am thinking maybe I should learn that Portugese knitting and gain some speed! LOL! Enjoy your brother's visit and your test knit and a new cast on! Plus, your trip to do you do it all? You go girl!


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