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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Knitting at midnight......not smart

I am trying so hard to finish my shawl.  Each day has seen quite a bit of progress.  There are a total of 98 rows and on Sunday I was at row 48.  By Monday evening row 82 was just about to be completed when I noticed my pattern stitch count was off.  As I looked over the row, I discovered the mistake 15 stitches from the beginning of said row.  Each row is 225 stitches and i only had 4 stitches left to complete the row.  Could I live with the mistake? Was it going to mess anything up in the grand scheme of things? I looked at the clock and it is 11:45pm.  Nope, there is no way I am going to allow a shawl with my name on it, to go out with a mistake that will throw off the rhythm of the pattern.  I started tinking back and by midnight, I still had about 100 stitches to go back.  I gently laid the shawl down and proceeded to retire for the evening.

It is now 8:30am and as I sit here looking at the shawl, I actually am excited to complete the frogging and to carry on with the knitting.  I had planned on the shawl being off the needles today.  That may not happen but.......it will be completed before our next prayer shawl meeting on Thursday.  Each row takes me about 30 minutes to complete, depending on what stitch is required. There are 17 rows left to complete so I am figuring 8 hours of knit time.  Totally doable.

My brother arrives tomorrow afternoon.  He is riding his motorcycle from East Texas to here.  Needless to say, it is a 2 day ride.  I have all the menus planned, his room is ready, bed has fresh linens in it, window has been opened to make is smell fresh and nice.  Hopefully he will be comfortable and enjoy his stay.  We do not make any plans for him as he does have a couple of friends in the area that he likes to visit.  However, we also do not change our schedule because of his visit.  That's how our family does things.  He is here to see mom and only sees her twice a year, so we let him have as much time with her as he wants.  She so looks forward to his visits too.

On a totally different note..............we are having the craziest weather here in the Phoenix area.  This winter was sooooo mild.  I never wore anything heavier than a hoodie for warmth and that was only about 5 times.  We started warming up quickly in March and then we would cool off for a few days and then hot then cool than hot....anyway, you get the picture.  So last week it was over 100F and dry as a bone.  That is normal.  All of a sudden, Saturday, the wind was gusting at 50 MPH, the temps were dropping and the humidity was rising.  Sunday was pleasant although a bit dreary looking with the highs in the 80s.  Monday was sunny and bright with 80s once again.  Monday night.....the rains hit.  WE DON'T GET RAIN IN MAY IN PHOENIX!  Woke up to 55 degrees this morning with a high in the low 70s expected.  I love the cooler temps, but by the weekend we will be flirting with 100 degrees again.  

Some of you might wonder why this is so important.  I have a swimming pool.  It is heated by the sun and outdoor temperatures. For me to stick my body in the pool, I need the water temp to be nearing 80.  For that to happen, I need hot days and warm nights to be consistent with no rain.  The pool was up to about 74 before yesterday hit.  Now it is back to 70.  I would love to be able to swim right now for my exercise.  Not gonna happen for a while now.   Oh well..............It should be ready by June lol.

Better close and grab that shawl and finish frogging.  Lots of small details to finish up today before I can sit down in good  conscience and wordk solely on my shawl.

Until next time............Happy Crafting! ! ! ! 

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