Sunday, May 7, 2017

YOP 6, Week 45

Welcome friends and family.  Another YOP week has passed by again.  This week flew by for me.  I have been so busy getting our guest room decluttered and still maintaining my normal weekly schedule.  

I am pleased to announce.....................the guest room has been decluttered and is ready to receive my brother's arrival on Wednesday this week.  The bed still need to be made, but I prefer to do that just before he arrives so the sheets are crisp and non-dusty.  Living in Arizona, we could dust daily and you would never know we dusted.  That is what happens when you live in a desert.  The decluttering went fairly smoothly.  Hubby allowed me to have full reign in there and never once came in to make sure I was not throwing away anything that he might 'need'.  I even found some treasures I had forgotten we even had.  Some lovely pictures from about 25 years ago, when I was skinny and young and hubby had dark hair and lots of it.

My other weekly activities of visiting my mom, teaching crochet, prayer shawl ministries went off without any problems.  There are only 2 more weeks of the crochet class, I am going to miss those girls.  They have been a joy to be around.  The prayer shawl ministry is on going and I am happy for that.  I have grown very fond of the ladies in the group and so enjoy being with them each week.  It is the perfect time to let ourselves be ourselves.  I have learned some new skills and am so excited to try them out shortly.  Let me show you:

It's a rotary cutter, skip blades, cutter guide and self healing cutter mat.  Don't get all excited, I am not taking up quilting.  I gave that a try 35 years ago and had no love for it at all.  This is going to make it possible for me to put EVENLY SPACED holes in the edges of dishtowels and baby blanket fleece so I can crochet borders on them.  We have an unwed mother's home attached to our church and they are in need of blankets all the time.  We house up to 7 mom's there and they stay there for up to 6 months after their babies are born.  Those babies need blankets along with other items we make for them in crochet class.  As for the family uses those all the time by hanging them on the stove handles.  They make wonderful gifts, so that will be part of their Christmas this year.

Other items that have been going on this week craft wise:

Finished mom's second pair of bed socks on Monday.  She was so happy to get them.  I need to dig through my stash and find some more feminine colored yarn for her.  I am sure there is some in there somewhere.

I have also been working on my stitch sampler shawl:

Last time I showed this, I had just completed the second row of the pink.  I am enjoying working on this in the evenings while watching TV.  I would like to do another one and next time, I think I will just use a variegated yarn.  Trying to figure out where to add new colors on this pattern has not been easy and is not working out the way I had planned.  It has been fun to work with though.  I also think, if I was not changing color all the time, it would progress much faster.  I will say, I am more than halfway done with it so it should be coming off the needles in the next week.

I have not worked on anything else this past week.  I was way too bush to try and work on multiple projects so have been pretty much monogamous to the shawl once the socks were done.

This being Sunday, and having gone to Church last night, hubby and I will be doing some shopping today to prepare our cupboards for our incoming guest.  I already made the menus and grocery list for the next 10 days.  Now I need to take the grocery list and go through my pantry to see what I already have so I don't duplicate.  I also need to go through our freezer to see if I have all the meats I need for the menus.  I believe I do other than a roast I might need for our Italian beef sandwiches.  

Next Sunday is Mother's Day, here in the USA.  We are planning a BBQ at my mom's assisted living facility.  She loves getting outdoors and doesn't get to do that unless we take her out.  Hopefully the weather will behave.  Right now it is predicted to be near 95 that day, hopefully it will be late in the afternoon before it reaches that high.  And if there is a breeze, that will help a lot.

I know I am forgetting something of importance here...............................I guess I can always blog about it tomorrow or the next day, when I remember what it was.  Thank goodness I use my bullet journal for jotting down things like that.

Until next time......................Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. That stitch sampler shawl looks really cool - I look forward to seeing yours finished, Marsha. And I'm amazed at how quickly you knit up that second pair of socks! I hope you enjoy your upcoming week and your brother's visit!

  2. we must be in sync. We had to de-clutter the spare room for my brother, and now a friend of my son is staying with us. It is great to have an excuse to clean up! Your stitch sampler shawl is so cheerful looking. Have a great week.

  3. Love your mom's socks. She will feel so cozy in them. Prayer shawl ministry sounds fun. I may have to check out if there is a local chapter near me

  4. What a lovely daughter you are. When I saw your mum's new socks it flashed through my mind the boomerang effect that's available on IG. Even though it is self explanatory, I had to Google prayer shawl ministry. What a lovely cause it is and how it works. I'm so jealous you have a guest room! I so want my own craft room but need to wait for a daughter to move out.

  5. You really don't let any grass grow under your feet! LOL! I love the socks for your Mom....what a wonderful daughter you are and the shawl is lovely and what a great way to try out different stitches. I'm with you on the variegated yarn! LOL! I am intrigued by your 'evenly distributed holes' for crocheted edgings? I had trouble with that when I tried. I have all those supplies except for the 'skip' blades? I need to research that as it sounds like the answer to the problem I had when I tried it. Have a wonderful week and Mother's Day!


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