Sunday, May 21, 2017


Another Sunday morning.  Can you believe it?  I didn't wake up at 3 this morning.  Nope, my body waited until 4:30 this day.  But I was still up before the sun so got to watch the sunrise.

I had a pretty busy week.  If you follow my blog, you know my brother left on Wednesday morning.  That was also the last day of the crochet class at our church's school.  We had a small party for the children and loaded them up on sugar and sent them on to their next class.  I am sure their teachers were so happy with us.

Thursday was prayer shawl group and I was so hoping to finish my prayer shawl there.  Oh well, I came home and completed it that evening.

This is how we send out our prayer shawls from our cancer shrine.

They are bagged and tagged as we call it.

This is the prayer card we insert with the shawl/throw along with a little tag that tells the coordinator what it is we made and for which gender and size.

This is the tag we sew on the item letting them know where it is from.  We also sew on a medal of St Peregrine, patron saint of cancer patients.  Yes, this is the shawl I completed.  Sorry for the glare of the bag, but I was heading out to church to turn it in when I remembered I had not taken a final photo of it.  

I have started a new shawl.  This time I am doing it in sock yarn and the pattern I am using is Eva's Shawl. I have made it several times in the past and it is a nice light and airy shawl and goes fairly quickly.  It will be traveling with me to Texas this week.  I will be gone for 2 weeks so should be able to complete it while there.

The only other item I am working on it my test knit for Knitterarium.  It is a lovely sock and the leg of the sock when super quick.  The heel flap, turn and gusset have had me working on it for almost a week now. It even caused me to bend one of my DPN's while picking up stitches for the heel flap.  (Hence the reason I normally do the Fish Lip Kiss heel) The needle was able to be straightened again so all is good there.  I really need to get the one sock done before I leave as I want to be able to weight and measure the yarn I have used for the sock.  There will not be any equipment for me to do that with where I am staying in Texas.  There isn't even a yarn shop within 50 miles of where I am staying!  Trust me...............I look each time I go there.

I am interested in making one of these:

 It is a Twiddle Mitt. I read about them on another blog and fell in love with the idea.  They use these for Alzheimer patients.  Now, I would not make one with buttons, as those would cause a choking hazard, but making different types of bobbles to attach to the mitt that would make for interesting tactile sensations would work quite well.  There is a lady at my mom's place that is always fiddling with the table clothes, her clothes or anything she can just 'fiddle' with.  I thought this would be nice for her as she could sit back and just play with it as much as she needed to keep herself calm.  Once my test knit it completed, I might just look at my stash and see what I have in there to work with.  They suggest bulky yarn since it has the most texture.

On the personal side of my life...........................Friday, I was asked to go with my BFF to lend moral support as she got her hair cut.  I have been trying to get her to go with short hair for quite a while.  She finally agreed it was time.

This is what she deals with daily.  She has super curly hair and tons of it.  She wears it in a pony tail ALL the time.  If her hair was straight, it would be about 4 to 5 inches below her shoulders.

So her hair dresser took the first cut

That is just a little bit of what was finally cut off.

The end result was this:

What a difference.  She loves it and so does everyone that has seen it.  It is even super cute when she lets it go naturally curly too.

After the hair cut we went out to eat with her and her hubby.  Neither of us wanted to cook as we had been at the salon for 3 hours.

Yesterday, my BFF (Yes again) had a LuLaRoe party at her house.  How fun was that to get to try on different types of clothing from my favorite line of clothes.  I ended up with 2 dresses, a new style of skirt (New for me) and a blouse.  I had so much fun.  I am thinking of having one at my house later this year.  I don't have tons of friends, but I think I could muster up enough interest with my prayer shawl group as well as my small circle of friends and family that it would be perfect.

Last night, our Daughter in Law took us out to dinner at one of the local casinos.  She had won pretty big there a few days ago and treated us.  We gambled for a bit after dinner but had no luck so we came on home.  It was kind of nice to get away a little bit and do something different.

We did have some very sad news this week too.  On Friday, the first grade teach at our church's school was found dead in her home.  They have not released the cause of death but we have heard she had cardiac issues.  It was so sad, as she was only in her mid 40's and her high school aged son is the one who found her.  This is the second teacher we have lost at the school in the past 2 years.  The students were pretty shaken up by this.  Our grand daughter was quite sad as she loved this teacher so much.  She was a kind and gentle soul.  On the same day, our former music worship leader's father passed away.  His father was the grandfather of one of the students in my grands class.  Friday was not a good day at our church.

Today, is my menu planning day, but since I am leaving on Wednesday morning, there will be no planning this week.  That means there will be no grocery shopping either.  WOOHOO! I have a whole day to do nothing but knit and do laundry.

Tomorrow, I have my final appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon about my broken thumb from the car accident.  I should be given the all clear to do what ever I want.  Even though I am already doing that.  If my thumb hurts, I stop doing what I was doing.  Pretty simple plan if you ask me.  LOL

So that is the total of my week.  I will try and update next week, but it will be from my tablet. I have no problem typing in the blog, it is the photos that can give me issues at times.  I will try though.

Until next time........................Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. So sad to hear about the untimely death. It is so hard for the students to deal with it again after so short a time since the last one.
    I love the way you bundle up the prayer shawls and the alzheimer mitts are a great idea. I have seen different versions of this idea and after caring for my aunt for many years I can see they would be very therapeutic.
    The BFF's haircut looks awesome. Good for you for being moral support for such a big change. Have fun on your trip, and what's up with no yarn store within 50 miles???

  2. oh, how sad about the teacher's death, and how awful it must have been for her son to find her..

    Those prayer shawls are such a lovely idea, and so are the twiddle muffs. I've seen those around locally, I think our WI sometimes gets together to make them, and they look like a great stash-buster project too!

  3. You always have the most interesting posts! I love your prayer shawl and how you package it and label it. Also, your girlfriend's hair is beautiful...before and after....I have long hair but wear it in a bun. I cannot stand hair in my face! She looks so cute! The Twiddle Muffs are such a great idea and I had no clue they likes to 'fiddle' with things. I'm getting back into charitable 'making and giving'. I stopped last year as someone left a comment saying that the hospitals really didn't like all the 'gifts' because it was more for them to manage....I was hurt but then sent mine on to the hospital and got the sweetest hand written thank you back and they indicated that they really appreciated the preemie hats so go figure? I also thought I was moving but alas here I am...still. So, I will be having a charitable section in my YOP 2017/18 list. Have fun in Texas and so sorry about your sad news this week. Have a great week!

  4. What a full and emotionally varied week you've had. I hope you enjoyed a day of crochet (and laundry). ;^) And FWIW, I think your friend's haircut is awesome. I'm almost inspired to haul myself into a hair saloon and get a new do. I hope you enjoy making a Twiddle Muff. I know you saw the start I've made on my first one. One one hand it's a fun project to make (there are just so many ways to get creative with them), but because the ideas begin to brew and grow, it seems I could potentially take forever finishing mine. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  5. What an up and down week? Your shawls look great and will bring great comfort, it's lovely to see them all packaged up. I'm sorry to hear about the teacher. I hope you have a great trip.

  6. What an up and down week? Your shawls look great and will bring great comfort, it's lovely to see them all packaged up. I'm sorry to hear about the teacher. I hope you have a great trip.


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