Friday, May 12, 2017


Whoosh....................that's what has happened to my week.  I have been on a roll and today is the first time I have had time to catch my breath.

As I wrote on Wednesday, my brother was coming to town.  He arrived just about dinner time Wednesday night.  He was pretty tired as he made the 2 day trip on his new BMW motorcycle.  It is a super nice bike with all the bells and whistles, but you still need to sit up and drive the thing.  He is a motorcycle driving instructor, so he is very careful.  He wears a helmet as well as protective clothing, shoes and gloves on all his rides.  No matter how hot it gets, he is never without his protective gear.

I did go to the crochet class.  You could tell we are close to the end of the school year.  The kids are already squirming in their chairs wanting to be outside and away from teachers. Next week, we are going to have a little party for them.  In other words...............sugar them up and send them on to their next class.  LOL  I don't know if we will do this again next year. I am willing to pitch in again and help with the lefties.  The main instructor got pretty burnt out this year as did a couple of our other volunteers.  But they have been doing it for 3 years now.

After class I came home and folded laundry, emptied the dishwasher, straightened up things a bit and THEN, I started my new prayer shawl.  I am crocheting it this time.  I will post a photo of it this weekend on my YOP update.  I am in love with the pattern and the yarn.  It is going quickly too.

I worked just about 3 rows on my test knit sock.  The ribbing on it is time consuming, so it goes pretty slow.  Not to mention I am making a larger size than I normally do, so I have more stitches this time, but I am also working on a smaller needle.  It should all work out in the wash, right?

Thursday morning, I accompanied my son to the vet with his cat.  This cat is 14 years old and pretty grumpy.  But there was blood in some of his litter box, so they wanted him checked out.  I had to laugh at the vet.  Son and I were petting the boy (cat) and he was loving all that attention.  As soon as the vet stepped into the room, the cat hissed and turned his back to the vet.  He was scheduled for a lion cut shave for today, so the vet said to just bring him back today and while he was under anesthetic, he would an exam to figure out what the problem was.  He was not about to touch that nasty cat without drugs on board and I don't blame him.

I only got to be at my prayer shawl meeting for about 30 minutes because of the vet visit.  I still enjoyed my time there and was able to turn in the completed prayer shawl.  I have enough of that yarn left to make another prayer shawl.  That is a pretty good deal for only $2.99/skein.

After prayer shawl, I ran over to my BFF's house, as she thought she had left her back door standing open.  She hadn't.............but her doggie was so happy to see me.  I petted and loved on him for a bit and gave him a few doggie cookies.

I got home just in time to eat a quick bite of lunch and then grab my brother and head out to my mom's for a visit.  We stayed out there for a couple of hours and then came home, had dinner, and just enjoyed a quiet evening.

This morning, I worked on my test knit and my prayer shawl.  After lunch, I made a double batch of Cheesy Mostaciolli.  One of our favorite dishes.  We are going to a party tomorrow night and I offered to make dinner for the occasion.  If I hadn't, we would have ended up with sub sandwiches and chips.  Nobody there is cooking at the present time so I thought a home cooked meal would be welcomed.  I take over banana bread when ever I make 2 loaves and they are so thankful for it.  This is the home where my girlfriend has lung cancer that has metastasized to her brain and her husband has had a stroke.  Their son lives there but he works afternoons until midnight.  Their daughters have been helping out as much as they can, but they also work and have families to care for.

Tonight, I am serving leftovers for dinner.  We have a lot of them!  I don't want to throw out a lot of food.  My brother has no issue with left overs either.  Thank goodness.  

That way, I can work on my crafting tonight.  I also need to do a few loads of laundry again. I don't know where all those dirty clothes are coming from.  There are only 2 of us living here. LOL  I am also in need of paying some attention to my craftroom.  When I cleaned out the guestroom, I took a few items into my craftroom to store them.  It is a bunch of photos from 15 years or more.  I don't want to toss them. All of them are framed too.  I might figure out a way to hang them in the hallway leading to all the bedrooms.  It would make a wonderful story of our lives.

That is about all I have at the present time.  Our plumber just showed up.  Our faucet in our master bath is dripping and needed a new cartridge in it.  It took 2 weeks for the cartridge to arrive.  I will be so glad to have that fixed.  I just think of all the water that is being wasted and we pay for that!

Until next time....................which should be on Sunday........................happy crafting!!!!

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  1. I'm tired just reading about all you have done! So glad you have your brother there for a visit and so nice your Mom gets to see both of you for Mother's Day. I can't wait to see your 'makes' tomorrow for YOP. I have not been doing much but yard work and cleaning and today was grocery shopping. Walmart tires me out! The vet story was funny and I want that recipe for the cheesy mostacioli? Sounds delish! Enjoy your handwork and Happy Mother's Day! TTYL!


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