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Friday, August 3, 2018

All My Bags are Packed......................

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We are all packed, other than the toiletries we need for tomorrow morning.  Even our ice chest is filled and ready to go.  Gotta love our RTIC cooler.  Keeps the ice for up to 5 days!

We actually were all done by around noon today so it has been a nice lazy afternoon.  I managed to sneak in a little nap as we as get in an hour of pool time. The pool time was not my best idea though.  I feel a little sunburn creeping up on my shoulders.  But the water felt great and I had not been in it for over a week.  OK, so it was 109 when I went out there and the UV index was 11.  It still felt wonderful to be in the water.  The gentle breeze when I got out gave me that chilly feeling too.  Perfect!

I decided to take 2 knitting projects with me.  My vanilla socks and the Forest Path prayer shawl.  That should give me just enough variety to keep me happy.  Since they are 'packed' and ready to go, I have been working on the Rising Tide scarf this evening.  I might be able to get another pattern row done before bedtime!  I am nearing the end of the skein of yarn.  This might be my last row.  If not, the next one will be.  WOOHOO!  Then I will  give both scarves an nice little soak and block them.  I sure hope the soak softens them up.  This yarn is super scratchy!  

Once we get home, I will have 8 days to get ready for my next trip.  The next one will be to Texas to see my Grands there as well as their parents.  Looking forward to that trip as it is normally a very laid back time.  We do what we want when we feel like it.  We do have a pontoon party planned for one weekend.  It should be a lot of fun and sun.  I will be taking sunscreen for that day.  We will be out for 8 hours and I doubt there will be much shade to sneak under.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate for us.  Texas is unpredictable but they seem to be in a dry spell right now.  

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OK, that is all for tonight.  Time to go back to working on the scarf and watching the Diamondback playing the San Francisco Giants.  We are ahead right now.

Until next time.........................happy crafting!


  1. Have a safe trip! I wish I had a pool like yours...it's the only thing that makes the heat worthwhile! LOL!

  2. Wow wee, hoo-rah for fun and travel.


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