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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


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Ahhhhhh......it feels good to be home again.  We arrived home around noon on Tuesday.  Even though I enjoyed our time away, it is always nice to return home.  Our dogs really missed us and I missed my own bed!

Las Vegas is a fun place to go.  The only part I do not like is the constant noise that goes on there.  The only place we got quiet was in our room or our car!  While it is fun to watch your slot machine make noise and have lights flashing when you win, it can get to be a bit too much after a few days.

There has been absolutely no knitting done since Friday.  I am having some serious issues with my right hand at the moment.  I am pretty sure it is carpal tunnel.  I am going to call a few Doctors today to see if I can get in anywhere soon.  UGH!  I do not need this right now.  Don't need this at all, really.  Fingers crossed I can see someone before I leave next week again.   I really miss being able to just pick up my needles or hook and play with yarn.

There are many errands I need to run today. First off will be returning some library books for the Grand Daughter right after my nail appointment. Our fridge is pretty bare, so groceries are also on the list.  Menus need to be planned for the next week as well as my daily laundry and cleaning routines.  I am hoping to get a bit of pool time in.  This past weekend played havoc with my waistline. (Not that I had much of one but it was starting to come back)

Until next time.....................happy crafting.


  1. Ahhhhhhh...all the work of re-entry when you get home from vacation.

    Hope your hand is feeling better soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about your hand. Usually rest is what they prescribe and a splint - not sure where knitting fits in with healing :-(


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